Cell Phone Speaker Repair

RockIT Repairs offer cell phone speaker repair on most smartphone models. We carry many cell phone loudspeaker replacement parts in stock for iPhones, Samsung and other various models. We offer same day loudspeaker repairs on your device and give you a 90 day warranty on parts and labor. Give RockIT Repairs a call today at 540-412-8824 and let us get your cell phone speaker working again.

List of Common Cell Phone Speakerphone / Loudspeaker Problems

  1. Cell phone speaker sounds muffled when talking on speakerphone.
  2. No sound at all from external speaker when on speakerphone.
  3. You are hearing  crackling sounds from your loudspeaker.
  4. Speaker is going in and out when in use.
EVO 4G LTE Speakerphone replacement
Speaker replacement on an Evo 4G LTE at RockIT Repairs