So many things threaten the health and safety of your laptop- their most-defining feature, portability, also lands them into precarious situations that your desktop computer (hopefully) avoids, leaving them open to spills, impacts, overheating, and falling or being dropped. Not even your MacBook, MacBook Pro, and MacBook Air are impervious to the dangers of day-to-day life.

If you are a mail in customer that can’t make it to our store, we offer 24 hour repairs at no extra cost!

Laptop screens that were repaired at RockIT Repairs front screen of a laptop is cracked
Here are some of the more common problems we repair on laptops:


Internal Repair Services

An impact, like that of hitting the floor, can seriously damage your MacBook, especially if it happens to be powered on at the time- motherboard failure and permanent hard drive damage are common in this situation. If you’re experiencing problems like video/sound issues, inoperative ports or kernel panics, wifi problems, overheating, or problems with shutting down of powering on, your culprit may be a logic board malfunction. We routinely perform these repairs, along with virus, malware, and spyware removal, in-house, 7 days a week.


Visual Repair Services 

Shattered screens and cracked LCD displays are extremely common, and can be caused by lots of things, like being dropped, or by closing items (like a pencil or earbuds) in the laptop. We replace screens and LCDs for all models of MacBook, MacBook Pro, and MacBook Air daily.


Charging Repair Services

The DC power jack can stop functioning correctly from either damage or regular use, and the symptoms are easily recognized- needing to jiggle the charging cord for the connection to be recognized, or the connection flickers in and out, or is not recognized at all; your battery (if it’s less than three years old) ceasing to charge, even though there was nothing wrong with it recently; or a jack that feels loose, has cracks around it, or looks noticeably different. This repair is not a problem for us, and can usually be completed in a day.


If you are experiencing any of these problems, or even a problem not listed here, give us a call or stop by and let our experienced techs take a look at it. Here is a list of the most common MacBooks we repair, followed by their model number, which can generally be found on their underside, and is necessary when ordering parts:


13″ polycarbonate b/w with matching keyboard- A1181

13″ silver unibody w/ black keyboard- A1278

13″ polycarbonate white unibody- A1342


MacBook Pro

unibody                               aluminum

aluminum w/ blk keys           aluminum w/ silver keys

13″ – A1278                          15″ – A1260, A1226, A1211, A1150

15″ – A1286                          17″ – A1261, A1229, A1212, A1151

17″ – A1297


MacBook Air

11″ MB air- 3rd gen (2010-2012)- A1370

13″ MB air- 3rd gen (2010-2012)- A1369

13″ MB air -1G/2G (2008/2009)- A1237, A1304


Even if your laptop isn’t listed here, that doesn’t mean we can’t help! Our techs have revived nearly every model of laptop under the sun, from Macs to HPs, to Dells and Toshibas! Make your laptop happy (and save a lot of money!) by coming to RockIT Repairs!  Call 540-412-8824 today!