Cell Phone Repair

At RockIT Repairs we are dedicated to fixing almost any issue that may arise with your cell phone. We work on all models of Android and iOS.

List of Popular Cell Phone Repair Services at RockIT Repairs:

  1. LCD Screen Repair  (No image on your cell phone)
  2. Cell Phone Glass Repair (Cell phone glass is cracked but image still visible and touch works)
  3. Charging Port Repair (Device will not charge while plugged in or you must wiggle your charging cable to get device to charge)
  4. Power Button Repair (Power button is not turning the phone on or off)
  5. Battery Replacement (After charging device loses power very quickly or battery percentage fluctuates rapidly)
  6. Home Button Repair (Home button does not function correctly)
  7. Mic Repair (Person cannot hear you on the other end during a phone call)
  8. Speaker Repair (You cannot hear the person you are speaking to on your phone)