RockIT Repairs Inc. offers a full line of repair options for all models of Chromebooks.  We can fix cracked chromebook screens, battery problems, charging issues and more. We work with individuals and schools in the area to keep your devices online and ready for work. Call us today at one of our two locations in Fredericksburg (540-412-8824) or Stafford (540-412-8825) and get a quote on repairing your Chromebook today!

Touchscreen Repair 
Fixes broken touchscreen.

Battery Replacement
Chromebook battery replacement. Fixes a fast draining battery or a swollen battery.

Hinge Repair
Chromebook screen hinge repair. If your chromebook is having issues opening and closing at the hinge.

Headphone Audio Jack Repair
Chromebook headphone jack repair. Includes parts+labor. Lifetime guarantee.

Chromebook Key Replacement
Chromebook individual key replacement. Missing keys on your laptop? This repair will fix the issue.

Chromebook Full Keyboard Replacement
Chromebook full keyboard replacement. This is to replace the entire keyboard due to damage or non function.

Touchpad Repair
Chromebook touchpad / trackpad repair. If your touchpad is not functioning correctly or is stuck.

LCD Back Cover Replacement
Replace the back panel cover of your Chromebook’s LCD screen.

Bottom Panel Cover Replacement
Chromebook bottom panel cover replacement. If the bottom of your device is damaged.

Charging Port / DC Jack Repair
Chromebook charging port / dc jack repair. If where you plug your device in to charge is damaged or not working. This repair service will fix the issue.

Front Camera Repair
Chromebook front camera repair. If the web cam on your laptop has stopped functioning or is damaged.