Top Tech Gifts 2015
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Top 15 Tech Gifts For Christmas 2015

Best Buy has commissioned Research Now to put together a list of the Top 15 tech gifts for Christmas in 2015. Tech gadgets have taken the forefront at Christmas time for most families. If you were to ask your kids, husband or wife what they wanted this Christmas, the probable answer is going to be tech related. We are using gadgets more today than ever before and we plan on seeing that trend grow exponentially for many years to come. If it makes life simpler, we want it. Read more “Top 15 Tech Gifts For The 2015 Holiday Season”

back of a kindle fire hdx from amazon
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RockIT Repairs Now Fixing All Issues With Your Kindle Fire 

Among the vast cornucopia of entertainment devices that we have available to us these days, none are quite like the Kindle made by Amazon. With the new Kindle Fire, you are not just limited to the library of books available to purchase at the Kindle store, which incidentally is one of the biggest ebook stores on the internet. Using the Kindle Fire, you can also watch movies, surf social media websites and stay just as connected as you would if you had been using a smart phone, a smart watch or any other such devices. Read more “Amazon Kindle Fire Repair Services at RockIT”

Galaxy Gear 2 watch with cracked screen
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Your Smartwatch Repair Shop

In today’s modern day and age, one’s smartwatch getting broken or damaged in any way is a tragedy beyond measure. After all, our smartwatches are what we use for practically everything now. From connecting with friends on social media sites to contacting our employers and bosses through email to connecting with family on Skype all the way to entertaining ourselves by streaming videos on YouTube and watching movies, practically everything we do now involves an all purpose device called a smartwatch. Read more “RockIT Repairs: Your Smartwatch Repair Shop”

cell phone repair is better than insurance
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Cell Phone Repair or Insurance…What is the best option?

Smartphones are expensive. The new iPhone 6S is in $600 range and many of the newer Android phones are right around that price point as well. It seems like every time a new phone comes out, the prices go up. Because of the increasing price tags, most people can’t afford to simply replace their cell phone if it breaks. So, they buy insurance. But what if there’s a better way? Read more “Cell Phone Repair vs Insurance”

Google-Nexus-Live-Stream Event-September-29-
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Google is expected to announce quite an array of new devices at their Google Nexus event today. We should see the new Nexus 5X toting a larger display, higher MP camera, faster processing speed, fingerprint recognition sensor, however the most exciting feature is the new USB Type C connector. Another important smartphone that they are going to be releasing is the Nexus 6P. It will feature a new design, smaller front led display and the new Marshmallow Android operating system. Read more “Watch Google Nexus Event Live Stream | September 29, 2015”