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Admit it, you’ve been biding your time waiting for the best savings deal on the new Xbox One X because spending on another game console only makes you happy. It’s a minimum spend of upwards of $300 and your wives and girlfriends just don’t understand the joy it brings you.

We totally get it! We’ve been there too and we’re here to tell you that it’s time to prepare your defense because online retailer Newegg just came out with an Xbox One X bundle you won’t be able to refuse.

Xbox One X 1TB Console Promotional Bundles

Before you say anything about having to buy the Xbox One X with a Fallout 76 inclusion, you should know that if you disregard the fact that it comes with the lackluster game, you’re literally getting the best deal for the console on the market today.

Without any special promotions, the console is priced at $499 on its own, not even a bundle! On the official website, though, there are nine bundle options available. Of the nine, seven are priced at $449 to $499 and affords you one console and one game.

White Xbox One X Console At Under $400

Two of the nine, however, are priced at just $399, both bundled with the Fallout 76 game. The white console is available for purchase only with the Fallout 76 bundle, making for the second out of the nine consoles on promotion.

Microsoft leaves buyers with very little choice but to suck it up and just accept the fact that they’re getting the subpar game with it! At least they gate to save $100 on the console and upwards of $50 if they bought the game separately. This is extremely unfortunate for people who already happen to have the Fallout 76 game.

Why You Should Get It Despite the Fallout 76 Inclusion

Like we said, there isn’t a better deal for the Xbox One 1TB console anywhere else in the world except for the ones that come with the Fallout 76 game. As much as that’s enough reason to make anyone think twice about getting the bundle and going for the more expensive options to at least get a better game out of the purchase, don’t let the unsatisfactory game have that kind of power over your purchasing decisions! Especially not when it comes to letting a super sweet deal for the console go.

It’s undeniable that the Xbox One X is a powerhouse of a console and its design lives up to every expectation that’s been set. It’s built to support 4K and HDR visuals and will even take non-4K displays to the next level for the ultimate visual gaming experience.

Enjoy smoother gameplay with the faster processor that delivers lifelike detail to your experience with an 8-core Custom AMD CPU. Explore more of what your game has to offer with the increased built-in graphic memory of the Xbox One X console. Spend your days roaming bigger worlds and taking over wider lands without the inconvenience of lengthy load times. The Xbox One X features nothing less than 12GB GDDR5.

What People Have to Say About the Most Powerful Gaming Console of Today

See, here’s the thing. If Fallout 76 wasn’t such a bad game, all those Xbox One X Fallout 76 bundles would have already been sold out by now and the last few paragraphs of this article would have been totally unnecessary and yet here we are.

So if you still can’t get over the fact that the only way you can get the console is if you get the Fallout 76 bundle, then you’re going to want to know what the people really think of the Xbox One X.

“Xbox One X makes every game better” – Digital Trends

Well, there you have it! Just think of how this powerhouse of a console can work miracles and maybe, just maybe, make Fallout 76 bearable to play now that you have one the best consoles of 2019 in the comfort of your solitary gaming man cave.

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customized xbox 360 controller in chrome color
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There are a couple of different ways to customize your X-Box 360 controller.
Cosmetic Xbox 360 Controller Customization
There are endless options when it comes to personalizing the appearance of your X-Box 360 controller. Every visible piece is available in an endless variety of colors, designs, and finishes. You can even add custom LED lights! We can build a custom controller for you, changing any of the following parts:
  • controller shells
  • bumper assembly (LB & RB) and triggers (LT & RT)
  • thumbsticks and D-pad
  • ABXY buttons
  • LED ring

xbox 360 purple and green customized controllerGold and Red Chrome Customized Controllers

Gameplay Xbox 360 Controller Customization Modifications
modding- custom modifications made to the controller’s programming, allowing for “enhanced” gameplay
Yep, we can mod your X-Box 360 controller! There are lots of options available here- some of the more popular ones include:
  • rapid fire- turns every weapon fully-auto; customizable
  • burst mode- set # of shots and rate of fire per trigger pull
  • fast reload- duh
  • jump shot- enable to avoid enemy fire
  • quick scope- auto-fire upon target lock
  • jitter- fires even faster than rapid fire, but you can’t aim
  • akimbo- dual rapid fire for two-handed weapons
Call RockIT Repairs Today for Custom, Modded X-Box 360 Controllers!
Call us today at (540) 412-8824! We’ll work with you to build the X-Box 360 controller you’ve been dreaming of!