Cell Phone Battery Replacement

At RockIT Repairs we specialize in cell phone battery replacement for all smarthones. If your cell phone battery dies quickly after a full charge, not charging at all or you just need an extended battery to get your smartphone through the day. RockIT Repairs has most batteries in stock and can have them repaired that very same day! We can replace the battery or you can purchase one from us and install it yourself. Call us at 540-412-8824 and let us get a new battery in your device today!


Top 5 Phone Battery Replacements:

  1. iPhone 5 Battery Replacement
  2. iPhone 4 & 4S Battery Replacement
  3. iPod Touch 4th Generation Battery Replacement
  4. Droid RazR XT912 Battery Replacement
  5. Droid RazR MAXX HD Xt926 Battery Replacement



iphone 5c battery
Replacing the battery on an Apple iPhone 5C
lg g2 battery replacement
Battery Replacement on an LG G2