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It Can Happen Anywhere, Anytime…Cell Phone Repair Shops are here to help.

You’re walking on the street, iPhone 8 in hand, checking messages, when suddenly, someone rushes by from behind and accidentally hits your elbow. The world stops for a few seconds as you stare at your iPhone with the display flat on the concrete floor. You pick it up, sighing in dismay as you see the screen, cracked like parched land.

So, you go home and think about getting it repaired. You turn on your computer and look up how to repair a cracked display. To your surprise, you read in a forum that some iPhone patrons chose to have their iPhones repaired at shops other than the very company that made it. You ask yourself, “Why?”

Well, here are a couple of reasons why people are repairing their old iPhones at phone repair shops.

Don’t Get Your iPhone Repaired at Apple

First of all, the Apple company has always been a premium brand. From their iPods to the early iPhones, all the way to their MacBooks, Apple has had a demanding price tag slapped on all their products. The same applies to their services. Tons of Apple patrons online have expressed their grief and dissatisfaction with repair services of Apple for many reasons.

One reason is the lack of proper customer service. A patron said that she had been passed around three different employees before she met with the technician that would repair her phone. Mind you, each turnover didn’t happen in a minute or ten.

Another reason some patrons choose to have iPhones repaired at other shops would be the price of repairs. Apple repairs can cost up to an amount that could let you buy the iPhone you intend to send for repair.

A Little Trust Goes A Long Way

“If repairs with Apple are as expensive as another iPhone, why not just replace it with a new iPhone?” Well, the thing is, this isn’t the most cost-effective way to solve your problem. Replacement isn’t the last resort you should fall back on. After all, you don’t need to fix the whole thing.

Happy iPhone Repair
Building trust with our customers one phone repair at a time!

Paying to repair a part surely shouldn’t cost you the same amount as the phone when you bought it. With a little trust, and enough research and testimonies, you can find a good phone repair shop. Smartphone parts are very much available in the market; that also means iPhone parts. You only need to exert some effort on your part, and surely, your wallet will thank you for it.

Anyone Can Do It

The most cost-efficient way to go about it is something that you might not realize at first, given the perceived complexity of repairing technology. There are DIY guides in the internet to fixing some damaged parts such as the display, or the speakers. However, be cautious and read the instructions at least twice to avoid messing up. Once again, the parts for iPhone are out in the market, so do some research to get your hands on quality repair parts.

Now, you might be thinking, “I might screw this up. I should just bring this to a professional.” That’s understandable, but the very fact that with a bit of studying, even you can repair your own phone, what more when you place your iPhone for repair in the hands of a person who has been repairing phones for a living?

Think Twice

So, the next time your iPhone needs repairing, always remember that the obvious choice isn’t always the best. Just because its Apple’s property they are the only ones capable of fixing it.

There are other options that you should keep it in mind. One is the cheaper option to have it repaired at phone repair shops. Another is to repair it by using a DIY guide. However, if you aren’t confident with your tech-saving skills, you can rest assured that if even you can do it, given enough time to learn the tricks of the trade, then surely technicians aside from Apple’s will be able to do an excellent job in bring your iPhone back to its former glory.

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Admit it, you’ve been biding your time waiting for the best savings deal on the new Xbox One X because spending on another game console only makes you happy. It’s a minimum spend of upwards of $300 and your wives and girlfriends just don’t understand the joy it brings you.

We totally get it! We’ve been there too and we’re here to tell you that it’s time to prepare your defense because online retailer Newegg just came out with an Xbox One X bundle you won’t be able to refuse.

Xbox One X 1TB Console Promotional Bundles

Before you say anything about having to buy the Xbox One X with a Fallout 76 inclusion, you should know that if you disregard the fact that it comes with the lackluster game, you’re literally getting the best deal for the console on the market today.

Without any special promotions, the console is priced at $499 on its own, not even a bundle! On the official website, though, there are nine bundle options available. Of the nine, seven are priced at $449 to $499 and affords you one console and one game.

White Xbox One X Console At Under $400

Two of the nine, however, are priced at just $399, both bundled with the Fallout 76 game. The white console is available for purchase only with the Fallout 76 bundle, making for the second out of the nine consoles on promotion.

Microsoft leaves buyers with very little choice but to suck it up and just accept the fact that they’re getting the subpar game with it! At least they gate to save $100 on the console and upwards of $50 if they bought the game separately. This is extremely unfortunate for people who already happen to have the Fallout 76 game.

Why You Should Get It Despite the Fallout 76 Inclusion

Like we said, there isn’t a better deal for the Xbox One 1TB console anywhere else in the world except for the ones that come with the Fallout 76 game. As much as that’s enough reason to make anyone think twice about getting the bundle and going for the more expensive options to at least get a better game out of the purchase, don’t let the unsatisfactory game have that kind of power over your purchasing decisions! Especially not when it comes to letting a super sweet deal for the console go.

It’s undeniable that the Xbox One X is a powerhouse of a console and its design lives up to every expectation that’s been set. It’s built to support 4K and HDR visuals and will even take non-4K displays to the next level for the ultimate visual gaming experience.

Enjoy smoother gameplay with the faster processor that delivers lifelike detail to your experience with an 8-core Custom AMD CPU. Explore more of what your game has to offer with the increased built-in graphic memory of the Xbox One X console. Spend your days roaming bigger worlds and taking over wider lands without the inconvenience of lengthy load times. The Xbox One X features nothing less than 12GB GDDR5.

What People Have to Say About the Most Powerful Gaming Console of Today

See, here’s the thing. If Fallout 76 wasn’t such a bad game, all those Xbox One X Fallout 76 bundles would have already been sold out by now and the last few paragraphs of this article would have been totally unnecessary and yet here we are.

So if you still can’t get over the fact that the only way you can get the console is if you get the Fallout 76 bundle, then you’re going to want to know what the people really think of the Xbox One X.

“Xbox One X makes every game better” – Digital Trends

Well, there you have it! Just think of how this powerhouse of a console can work miracles and maybe, just maybe, make Fallout 76 bearable to play now that you have one the best consoles of 2019 in the comfort of your solitary gaming man cave.

If you are looking for Xbox One Repair services, you have to come to the right place. Below is a list of our current repair services for your gaming console.

  1. HDMI Repair ( No display from console to your TV )
  2. Disc Drive Repair ( Fixes issues with your Xbox not being able to read discs )
  3. Hard Drive Upgrades ( Add more space to your console )
  4. Xbox One Won’t Boot ( Console is not booting up )
  5. All other Xbox one issues, give us a call


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Specs of Google Pixel 3 Lite Leaked

The specs of the much-anticipated Google Pixel 3 Lite has been leaked and if you’ve been wondering how Google defines “budget phones”, then look no further. The specs haven’t been officially verified, so read these specs with a pinch of salt.

OS and Processing Power

The Google Pixel 3 Lite will be running Android 9.0 (Pie), the same with the Google Pixel 3 and XL. However, it will be using a Qualcomm SDM670 Snapdragon 670, while the Pixel 3 and XL uses a Qualcomm SDM 845 Snapdragon 845. The Google Pixel 3 Lite’s CPU will be an Octa-core (2×2.0 GHz 360 Gold & 6×1.7 GHz Kryo 360 Silver) while the Google Pixel 3 and XL uses the Octa-core (4×2.5 GHz Kryo 385 Gold & 4×1.6 GHz Kryo 385 Silver). For the GPU, the Google Pixel 3 Lite uses the Adreno 615, unlike the Google Pixel 3 and XL which uses Adreno 630.


All three iterations of the phones have no memory card slot, so keep that in mind when making your purchases. Instead, it has fixed memory capacity, with the Google Pixel 3 Lite’s being 32 GB with 4 GB of RAM. The Google Pixel 3 and XL have bigger storage spaces, both sitting at 64 GB or 128 GB, but thankfully, RAM is the same at 4 GB.


For the main camera, the Google Pixel 3 Lite captures photos with a 12.2 MP, f/1.8, 28mm (wide), 1/2.55″, 1.4µm, OIS, dual pixel PDAF, the same camera its bigger brethren shoot with. It has Dual-LED flash, Auto-HDR, and panorama. Taking photos is where similarities among the three stop, as video recording is limited in the Google Pixel 3 Lite to [email protected], not that that’s bad, just that the Google Pixel 3 and XL can shoot videos with [email protected], [email protected]/60/120fps, [email protected], [email protected] (gyro-EIS).

The front-facing camera on the Google Pixel 3 Lite has 8MP, Auto-HDR, and records videos at [email protected] The only difference it has with the Google Pixel 3 and XL is the module, which is 8 MP, f/1.8, 28mm (wide), PDAF, 8 MP, f/2.2, 19mm (ultrawide), no AF for both units.


The three Pixel 3 phones have the same battery, that being a non-removable Li-Po 2915 mAh battery, however, the Google Pixel 3 Lite will be lacking fast battery charging 9V/2A 18W,
USB Power Delivery 2.0, and QI wireless charging.


Unlike its bigger siblings that have both the nano-slim card slot and the eSIM, the Lite will only have a nano-sim card slot available.


The Google Pixel 3 Lite will be using an IPS LCD capacitive touchscreen with 16M colors instead of the P-OLED capacitive touchscreen that the Google Pixel 3 and XL are using. Display size will be 5.56 inches, similar to the Google Pixel 3 which is 5.5 inches. Resolution still remains the same with the Google Pixel 3 at 1080 x 2160 pixels at an 18:9 ratio.


The Google Pixel 3 will not come with stereo speaker, unlike the Google Pixel 3 and XL. However, what it has that the other two units don’t is a 3.5mm jack. Now, this is something that some people determine as a necessary for smartphones with the latest ones having cordless earphones. So, once again, keep this in mind when choosing which unit to purchase. Aside from that, all three Google Pixel 3 phones have active noise cancellation with a dedicated microphone.


WLAN connections will include Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac, dual-band, Wi-Fi Direct, DLNA, and hotspot. Bluetooth is 5.0, A2DP, LE, aptX HD. It has GPS, with A-GPS, GLONASS, BDS, GALILEO. It also has NFC. It’s USB port is 3.1, Type-C 1.0 reversible connector. All three phones share the same specs for connection matters.


The Google Pixel 3 Lite similarly will have a fingerprint sensor at its back, accelerometer, gyro, proximity, compass.

Once again, this is a leaked list of the specs of the Google Pixel 3 Lite; we can’t say for sure this is 100% accurate, but one thing we can say is: if this is what it’ll be, then Google has a really good way of defining “budget phones”.

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Your Privacy is At Risk And You Don’t Even Know It

It seems that Apple is going down a very steep hill, very quickly. If you have an iPhone that runs on any of the iOS 12 iterations and you’re a FaceTime user, then your privacy is at risk as of this very moment.

The bug allows people to listen in on your conversations and access your front camera through the FaceTime app even without you accepting the call.

Anyone Can Hack You

As much as that sounds like some next level IT hacking, it’s actually pretty easy to do. It’s so easy to do that it only takes 2 very simple steps to do it and the bug was accidentally discovered by a 14-year-old on January 19, 2019.

The boy’s mother proceeded to file a report to Apple but has since claimed that her report was ignored. In it she details how her son created a Group FaceTime with his friends to play Fortnite and was surprised to find out that he was already able to hear his friend even without him accepting the call.

The worst thing about it privacy bug is that you won’t even know that your conversations have been compromised and who was behind it, nor when the hacking took place.

Your phone could literally be in your pocket during an important meeting and someone interested in that meeting could easily listen in without your knowledge.

Lawsuit from A Lawyer Over FaceTime Privacy Bug

Apple has since been faced with a lawsuit since a lawyer claimed that one his private conversations with a client was compromised through the FaceTime app.

Apple responded by disabling any sort of group calls on the app on the last week of January 2019 and promised to fix the bug by the end of the week.

Since the bug has been made public, people have also discovered that once the Group FaceTime has been initiated, the caller is able to listen in on the person on the other end and when the person presses the power button, it then gives the caller access to the person’s front camera.

So just when you thought you successfully silenced an incoming call, you’re actually giving the caller even more access.

Apple’s Worst iOS to Date

Apart from the fact that your privacy can be so easily compromised by anybody in your contacts list, the iOS 12 and its iterations have brought about so much inconvenience that it’s been called the worst iOS Apple ever designed.

Other bugs have been found to make calls impossible. One woman reported that since the update, she has not been able to get a single bar of service from her network provider. That means she is unable to make and receive calls and texts unless she’s connected to a Wi-Fi network.

Then there was the UI design mishap when it made things hard and inconvenient for people to switch between the front and rear cameras while on FaceTime.

For some of the latest iPhone models, charging times became distorted and battery capacity simply didn’t make sense.

These are just some of the worst issues that the iOS 12 and its iterations have inflicted upon Apple users. There could be more that just haven’t seen the light of day yet.

What You Can Do As an Apple User

It’s highly likely that if you own an iPhone, you also own other Apple products. Although everything mentioned is about just the iPhone, there is no saying how bad the bugs can be across all your Apple products.

With that said, we advise that you take extra precautions when using your iPhones, or any Apple product for that matter when having private conversation. Make sure to take any and all issues up with Apple so that nothing gets overlooked. Report it for your sake and for the good of every other Apple user.

iphone x with image burn
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Help! The New iPhone X Image Burn Problems


The Apple iPhone X was released on November 3rd, 2017. People at Apple stores around the world waited in line for hours, or even days to get their hands on these elegant new phones. The iPhone X is the tenth Apple iPhone version, and it has more bells and whistles then any of the previous models.


However, despite all of the positive things that the Apple iPhone X has, many people have been reporting an image burn problem. This problem is both highly inconvenient and also destressing for the people who have paid good money for these phones, expecting a top quality product.


A closer look at the problem


The image burn problem that iPhones are having are due to the OLED screens. OLED screens are different from the traditional LED screens that Apple has used in the past for its phones. OLED screens can have image burn-ins if a single picture is kept on the screen for too long with the brightness turned up high.


OLED screens can provide enhanced color and clarity, and that is why many phone manufacturers have made the switch. However, the image burn problem can be extremely annoying and can cause a particular image to remain as a ghost image on your phone even once you close out of it. This is highly undesirable and presents a major problem for iPhone X users. Just imagine opening your bank account on your iPhone and then having this image burned into your phone…not good.


What is being done about Apple iPhone X image burns


Apple has actually declared that image burn problems with its OLED screens are normal for its iPhone X models. It appears that Apple has weighed the pros and cons of having OLED screens for its iPhone X model and decided that the pros of these incredibly beautiful screens outweigh the costs of the image burn issues. So, do not expect Apple do anything about this problem.


However, if customer complaints continue to grow in the next few months, then there is a chance that Apple may actually try to resolve the problem. Until then, there are a number of things that you can do to limit or prevent the image burn problem on your iPhone X.


How to prevent and/or limit image burning on your iPhone X


In order to prevent image burns on your iPhone X, you should first avoid displaying static images for a long period of time. To help you prevent doing this, you can open Settings and go to Display and Brightness. Then click on Auto-Lock. Once you are there, you can reduce the amount of time that it takes for your phone to auto-lock after inactivity occurs.


You can also avoid looking at high contrast images for too long. High contrast images are images that have major contrasts between dark and light colors and with sharp edges. Further, you can turn down the brightness on your device. Turning down the brightness is probably the simplest way to avoid image burns, or at least to reduce the amount of times that you experience them.

 iphone image burn

If you have just spent $999 on a new iPhone X, then the last thing that you want is to experience major screen issues. Following the tips in this article can help you to prevent getting major image burns on your iPhone X.


However, if you are having trouble controlling the image burning on your iPhone X, or if you are experiencing any other issues with your new device, then RockIT Repairs can help. Please feel free to contact us today to start discussing repairs for your iPhone or other electronic device.


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