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How Can I Find My Nokia Smartphone’s Model Number?

If you need your Nokia smartphone repaired, one of the first things our repair techs will ask for is your phone’s model number. There are a couple of ways to find it, but they often require the phone not to be in use, so before giving us a call, try these tips to locate your Nokia model number.

If your phone is functional:

The Lumia series model numbers can be found in the Settings menu. From there choose About, then Phone Information. Your model number will look something like this : Nokia Lumia 920.

On other Nokia phones, access your keypad and type *#0000#. This will display your phone’s model number.

If your phone is not powering on or the display is not visible:

The Lumia series data sticker is located underneath the phone’s SIM tray. Using a SIM key, eject the SIM card and tray. Now, use the SIM key to pull the tray out by inserting it into the hole on the tray’s side and gently pulling it out. Your phone’s model number is on the data label underneath the SIM tray.

On older Nokia phones, the data label is located underneath the battery, on the phone itself. After powering down your phone, remove the back battery cover and take out the battery. The white label should be visible now, as should your phone’s model number.