broken s5 camera glass
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Samsung Galaxy S5 Back Camera Glass Replacement

How to Guide: Samsung Galaxy S5 Back Camera Glass Replacement

This guide will show you how to fix and replace your Samsung Galaxy S5 back camera glass lens on the following S5 models.

  1. i9600 S5 Back Camera Glass Replacement
  2. G900A S5 Back Camera Glass Replacement
  3. G900T S5 Back Camera Glass Replacement
  4. G900V S5 Back Camera Glass Replacement

Follow the instructions below for all S5 models

Step 1: Remove the back cover and take out the battery on your Galaxy S5.

remove back cover and battery on the s5


Step 2:  Heat your camera area with a heat gun on low for approximately 45 seconds.


Step 3: Using a pry tool such as an I-Sesamo put the tip under the metal from that holds the camera glass in place and pry it off the back housing as shown in the image below.

Removing the camera glass frame on the s5
Use a sharp tool that can get under the camera frame and lift up.
S5 Rear Camera Frame Removed
S5 camera frame has been removed.

Step 4: Using a pry tool remove the remaining glass camera lens from the back of your S5.

removing glass lens from s5
Using your tool remove the glass from the back housing

Step 5: Now take your new glass lens and frame and repeat this process in reverse order starting from Step 4 to Step 2. You will want to heat the adhesive on the new replacement parts prior to putting them down to the back housing to ensure a proper seal.


If you need to get your glass camera lens repaired and do not have the parts or tools necessary, RockIT Repairs can replace your broken S5 camera glass lens and frame for $39.99. We carry the parts in stock and can have it fixed in under an hour. Call 540-412-8824 today!