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Accidents will happen: protecting (and repairing) your mobile phone

With today’s technology, a phone is no longer just for making calls. It is a high-tech digital camera, a computing device, a navigational tool, an alarm clock.

Any device that is used so much is bound to suffer damage if unprotected. It may get dropped or exposed to the weather, and for most modern phones that would be lights out. Some of the more expensive models are known for screen breakage from almost trivial impacts. Before accidents happen, you may wish to look into protective covers to waterproof your phone and insulate it from shock. This small investment could save a lot of heartbreak later.

You could also buy a packet of screen savers, those peelable strips of adhesive transparent plastic which are placed over your phone screen to protect its delicate surface from scratches. For those who often use their phone to watch videos, a scratch-free screen is a must.

It is also wise to put your phone someplace safe when it is not being used. For instance, if you have a job where you are moving around a lot and there is a chance the phone might be damaged, do not carry the device with you unless absolutely necessary.

Sometimes despite your best efforts, accidents happen. If your phone breaks somehow you could always upgrade. But some people like the phone they have and may want it repaired. In that case, there are many cell phone repair shops available.

One of these can be found right in the Virginia area. ROCKIT Repairs is a business specializing in refurbishing mobile phones, and also offers Kindle repair, Xbox One Repair, and repair of laptops. There are currently two ROCKIT Repairs stores in Virginia. Customers can call ahead and make an appointment, or just come in. For those not in the Virginia area, Rockit Repairs offers convenient mail-in of your device and serves customers from all over the country.

It’s best to avoid problems before they happen, but it’s good to know there are options available in case they do and you want to keep the phone you have.