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It Can Happen Anywhere, Anytime…Cell Phone Repair Shops are here to help.

You’re walking on the street, iPhone 8 in hand, checking messages, when suddenly, someone rushes by from behind and accidentally hits your elbow. The world stops for a few seconds as you stare at your iPhone with the display flat on the concrete floor. You pick it up, sighing in dismay as you see the screen, cracked like parched land.

So, you go home and think about getting it repaired. You turn on your computer and look up how to repair a cracked display. To your surprise, you read in a forum that some iPhone patrons chose to have their iPhones repaired at shops other than the very company that made it. You ask yourself, “Why?”

Well, here are a couple of reasons why people are repairing their old iPhones at phone repair shops.

Don’t Get Your iPhone Repaired at Apple

First of all, the Apple company has always been a premium brand. From their iPods to the early iPhones, all the way to their MacBooks, Apple has had a demanding price tag slapped on all their products. The same applies to their services. Tons of Apple patrons online have expressed their grief and dissatisfaction with repair services of Apple for many reasons.

One reason is the lack of proper customer service. A patron said that she had been passed around three different employees before she met with the technician that would repair her phone. Mind you, each turnover didn’t happen in a minute or ten.

Another reason some patrons choose to have iPhones repaired at other shops would be the price of repairs. Apple repairs can cost up to an amount that could let you buy the iPhone you intend to send for repair.

A Little Trust Goes A Long Way

“If repairs with Apple are as expensive as another iPhone, why not just replace it with a new iPhone?” Well, the thing is, this isn’t the most cost-effective way to solve your problem. Replacement isn’t the last resort you should fall back on. After all, you don’t need to fix the whole thing.

Happy iPhone Repair
Building trust with our customers one phone repair at a time!

Paying to repair a part surely shouldn’t cost you the same amount as the phone when you bought it. With a little trust, and enough research and testimonies, you can find a good phone repair shop. Smartphone parts are very much available in the market; that also means iPhone parts. You only need to exert some effort on your part, and surely, your wallet will thank you for it.

Anyone Can Do It

The most cost-efficient way to go about it is something that you might not realize at first, given the perceived complexity of repairing technology. There are DIY guides in the internet to fixing some damaged parts such as the display, or the speakers. However, be cautious and read the instructions at least twice to avoid messing up. Once again, the parts for iPhone are out in the market, so do some research to get your hands on quality repair parts.

Now, you might be thinking, “I might screw this up. I should just bring this to a professional.” That’s understandable, but the very fact that with a bit of studying, even you can repair your own phone, what more when you place your iPhone for repair in the hands of a person who has been repairing phones for a living?

Think Twice

So, the next time your iPhone needs repairing, always remember that the obvious choice isn’t always the best. Just because its Apple’s property they are the only ones capable of fixing it.

There are other options that you should keep it in mind. One is the cheaper option to have it repaired at phone repair shops. Another is to repair it by using a DIY guide. However, if you aren’t confident with your tech-saving skills, you can rest assured that if even you can do it, given enough time to learn the tricks of the trade, then surely technicians aside from Apple’s will be able to do an excellent job in bring your iPhone back to its former glory.

s3 cell phone repair
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Cell phones are incredibly useful devices. However, they also can be relatively fragile. Because of this, they can get easily damaged if they are dropped, stepped on, scratched, etc. If your cell phone breaks, then you have two options; you can buy a new one, or you can get your broken one repaired.

Some people instantly make the decision to buy a new one when their cell phone breaks. However, this can be a big mistake. Here are some great reasons why you should consider getting your broken cell phone fixed at a cell phone repair shop instead of buying a new one.


iphone 6 with cracked screen
Broken iPhone 6 cell phone


Benefits of Cell Phone Repair

  • Repairing is generally less expensive
    • Oftentimes, it can be significantly cheaper to fix a cellphone than it is to replace it. For example, it often costs roughly $100 to fix a cracked screen. However, it can cost $500 – $700 to buy a brand new smartphone. Many other issues are also less expensive to repair than to replace.
  • Faster to repair than replace
    • Repairing a cellphone can be done very quickly. Some repairs can even be done in minutes such as replacing a broken screen protector. Many others take a half hour, an hour, etc. When you compare this to the amount of time that many people spend researching phones, going to the phone store, dealing with the salesperson, and possibly even ordering and waiting for a new phone, repairs can be much quicker.
  • Don’t lose your data when repairing your phone
    • Oftentimes when phones are replaced, data can be lost. This can include contact info, apps, photo and video files, and more. It can be a major hassle to have to go through and try to build all of this data from the beginning. Getting your phone repaired versus replaced can help you to prevent undergoing this in many circumstances.


s6 cracked screen replacement
S6 Cracked LCD Replacement


Common Cell Phone Repairs


  • Cracked screen
    • Roughly one in five smartphone users has a cracked screen. This is because when a cell phone drops, the screen is often the part of the phone that is the most delicate, and the most subject to damage. Broken screens can be easily fixed at cell phone repair shops.
  • Broken Home Button
    • A broken home button can be a major issue. This is because unlike a cracked screen, a broken home button is not just a cosmetic issue. It can actually effect your ability to operate your phone. If you have a broken home button, it can be extremely inconvenient. But that doesn’t mean you should through away your phone and buy a new one! Most cellphone repair shops will be able to easily fix this problem for you. They can do this with cleaning techniques, or by replacing your home button.
  • Broken Charging Ports
    • This is another common issue that cellphone repair shops frequently deal with. Charging ports can be vulnerable to damage. This is because if a phone is accidentally yanked while it is charging, it can harm the port. Over months or years of use, this or similar events can happen many times.

Conclusion On Cell Phone Repair

In some circumstances, it may be impossible to repair your phone, and you may be required to buy a new one. For example, water damage can oftentimes ruin a phone beyond repair.

However, in many circumstances, cell phones can be repaired. Repairs can be cheaper, faster, and significantly more convenient than buying a brand new phone. This is especially true for cracked screens, broken home buttons, and broken charging ports, three of the most common phone issues.

If you are looking for a great cell phone repair shop, RockIT Repairs is a great option. RockIT Repairs can repair all of your cell phone issues, and they can get the job done quickly and professionally. So, next time your phone breaks, don’t just automatically assume replacing it is the best thing to do. Fixing it may be the better option by far!





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Thieves in the United States steal millions of mobile phones every year. Beyond offering services related to phone repairs, we also show customers how to improve their lives when using their phones and other devices. The following three security tips can help make dealing with phone theft easier:

Lock your cell phone

One of the most important theft deterrent features on your phone is its lock screen. Although thieves can find software for hacking phones, many thieves only take phones that offer them immediate open access. Make your phone unattractive by setting up the lock screen with a passcode, drawing or gesture and then using the lock every time you’re away from it.

Install hidden tracking software

You’re probably already familiar with geolocation trackers that allow you to share your phone’s location on social networks so that family, friends and followers know where you’re located at any given moment. Although you can sometimes use this software in a pinch to find a stolen phone, thieves typically turn off obvious tracking apps. Instead, install remote access GPS tracking software that has been specially designed by a security firm to remain hidden until needed.

Change your outdoor behaviors

Your behavior has a direct impact on whether you become the victim of phone theft. Many people take unnecessary risks while running errands, enjoying a night on the town and traveling during business trips and vacations. In addition to using the lock screen, always check that you have your phone on you before leaving any location. People frequently leave behind their phones accidentally in cars, on retail store counters and restaurant or bar tables, and at gas station pumps. They also commonly lose their phones on seating in public transportation vehicles, movie theaters and churches.

At our two RockIT Repairs Virginia cell phone repairs shops, our expert technicians can help you repair damage to a retrieved stolen phone and show you additional tips and tricks for keeping your phone data safe from thieves. We provide both local and long-distance cell phone repair technical support. For more information, contact us by phone or email today.

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Modern society has become accustomed to having cell phones. We check them many times throughout the day, use them to look up pertinent information, even wake up and go to sleep with them. When your cell phone breaks, people are quick to discover just how much they use them. It may seem like your cell phone attachment is overkill, but there are good reasons why your phone is so important. Here are 3 reasons to make sure your phone is in good working order all the time.


Your cell phone is more than just a way to communicate with others or look up information. Your cell phone can keep you safe in several ways. For one, when you are traveling, your cell phone comes in handy if something were to happen. For example, if your automobile breaks down and you are stranded on the side of the road, you will want to call for help right away. No one wants to venture very far looking for help, especially at night or with children in tow. It just isn’t a safe practice. Calling someone for assistance keeps you safe. Also, if you witness an accident or crime, calling 911 right away may help keep someone else safe.


Many people today only have a cell phone for communication. Landlines are losing popularity as cell phones make gains. That means for a large number of people, the cell phone is their only way of communicating at home.

Important messages

One common method businesses have of communicating with others is through email, text, or social media. For those who rely on their phones to access these messages, it is critical that they have a working phone at all times. They may receive an important work-related message, a message about a job they applied for, or a crucial personal message. Missing these messages can mean missing out on opportunities.

If your cell phone malfunctions due to a technical problem, then do not delay in finding a phone repair shop. Repairing your cell phone as quickly as possible is the best option. There is no need to be without that critical connection to the outside world. With two locations in Virginia, RockIT Repairs has a staff of expert technicians who will get the task done quickly. Contact us today to find out more.

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Having your cell phone in proper working order is a priority. These days, cell phones do a whole lot more than just make calls; we rely on them for everything from taking pictures, fact finding and directions, to sending and receiving text messages and emails.

According to the data, 70% of young adults use their phones for entertainment. Anyone who has had their phone break down understands just how important their phone is in everyday life. Repairing your cell phone is of utmost importance in this situation. Below, we take a look at three common cell phone problems:

Charge port problem

The charging port of your phone is the small opening where you plug in the charger. Inside the opening are small metal tabs. When these become damaged for any reason, your phone will not charge properly. You may notice it will charge for a few minutes or seconds, then stop charging and later return to charging again. Sometimes when you wiggle the cord it will either start or stop charging. If you have tried different battery chargers but the problem exists, then the issue is with the charging port.

Water damage

Probably one the most common problems people have with their cell phones is water damage. Of course, no one intends to drop their phone in water, but accidents happen. It’s common to panic when this occurs and think your phone is history. However, the best thing to do is turn it off, don’t plug it in, and take it as soon as possible to a repair place. Cell phone repair technicians have special tools designed to dry it out safely. Do not attempt to fix it yourself or it could make the problem worse.

Malware infection

If you download apps or any other software, your phone is susceptible to malware infection. Malware affects phones in different ways. You may notice that your battery drains out a lot faster than it did before. Your phone may be slow at processing whereas it used to work much faster. Sometimes when malware has infected a phone it can freeze up on you. When this happens you need to shut it down and restart the phone. That usually unfreezes it, but if malware is the problem it will freeze again. A cell phone specialist can help eliminate malware from your phone.

If you have any of the above problems with your cell phone, contact RocketIt Repairs today. We have expert technicians standing by to help solve your issue and make your phone reliable once again.