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Many of us, at some point, have experienced an issue with our technology, and when it comes to laptops, our precious data stored on them can risk being lost. Don’t panic when these problems happen. Follow these tips to help get your data restored.


There are a number of scenarios that cause a laptop to either freeze or completely shut down. You may have experienced a power surge, spilled liquid on the keyboard, or even dropped your laptop. These are common occurrences that cause the laptop to break and become inaccessible.

Your first thought is probably how you are going to retrieve the stored information. You can attempt to dry off the keyboard and store the laptop upside down to regain access. For minor spills, this may work, but may take some time for the components under the keyboard to dry out. If there was a power surge you should attempt to reboot the laptop. If you notice any odors immediately turn the laptop off and remove the battery. For a dropped laptop, you can remove the battery and then replace it and attempt to turn it on. If none of these attempts are successful, it is time to enlist the help of a professional to retrieve your valuable data.

Finding someone to perform data recovery

Data recovery is possible for laptops and USB devices when the unexpected happens. You can find a company that provides data retrieval and device repair through an internet search or from the recommendation of a friend or a family member. Always use a reputable company that has excellent customer reviews. One such company is Rockit Repairs. They not only offer laptop data recovery, but they also offer cell phone repair, Kindle repair, and Xbox One repair. They have the skills and trained staff to successfully perform data recovery and repairs quickly. Next time accidents happen to your technology, you know exactly what to do.

Laptops and other technology break or succumb to accidents periodically. Never fear though, there are things you can do to remedy the situation or get the repairs and data retrieval you need.

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If you’re reading this right now, chances are good that you (or someone you like enough to be Google-ing stuff for) are familiar with the feelings of panic and dread that accompany the discovery of any type of damage to your laptop’s screen. Thoughts of new laptop prices begin rushing through your head, followed closely by more thoughts, loudly reminding you of what an astronomical amount of money that is, and about how you really can’t afford that right now, and about how maybe if you had been more careful, could you have prevented this whole messy and terrible situation. Your anguish and distress are totally understandable. I mean, what good is a laptop, really, without its screen?

Luckily, cracked laptop screens are totally fixable. If your broken laptop still happens to be under warranty, then you can probably send it back to its maker for repairs, as long as the type of damage inflicted upon your laptop is covered. Accidental damage is not often covered under the manufacturer’s warranty, so if your screen just cracked during the course of regular laptop use, you’re probably covered. But unless you live near one of their stores, you’ll have to mail it to them, and the repair and delivery time usually takes around two weeks. If it was an outside force that, through cause-and-effect, resulted in your laptop screen getting shattered, then you can still send it to the manufacturer for repair. It’s still going to take approximately two weeks through the mail, only now you’re probably being charged almost what your laptop is worth.

Your best bet in this situation is finding a local electronics repair shop to perform the replacement for you. Small businesses tend to have much better customer service than corporate manufacturers, and their prices are usually much more reasonable. Plus, your total turnaround time will probably be closer to two days, instead of the two weeks it would take if you sent it back to the manufacturer. You’ll save time and money with you hometown shop, and they will see you and your problem as more than just a number.