cell phone repair is better than insurance
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Cell Phone Repair vs Insurance

Cell Phone Repair or Insurance…What is the best option?

Smartphones are expensive. The new iPhone 6S is in $600 range and many of the newer Android phones are right around that price point as well. It seems like every time a new phone comes out, the prices go up. Because of the increasing price tags, most people can’t afford to simply replace their cell phone if it breaks. So, they buy insurance. But what if there’s a better way?

Cell Phone Repair

When you make a claim on your cell phone insurance plan, your carrier either repairs your phone and returns it to you, or gives you a refurbished (fancy term for “repaired”) phone while they keep your old one to fix and give to the next person that makes a claim. If you’re going to wind up with a refurbished phone instead of a new one, why not cut out the middle man and pay for the repair yourself?

On top of the monthly premiums, you’ll probably have to pay a deductible, which can be as much as $100. Why pay a monthly premium plus a high deductible when the average cell phone repair costs just $50 to $150?

As consumers get wiser, the demand for cell phone repair increases. Repair shops are popping up all over the country because consumers are realizing that getting their phones repaired themselves is a far better deal than paying costly insurance premiums each month. By choosing to have your cell phone repaired rather than buying insurance on it, you’ll wind up paying less over your cell phone’s useful life. If your phone never breaks, you never have to pay anything at all.

Repair Time

Another thing people love about having their phone repaired rather than calling in an insurance claim is how quickly they get their phone back. If you go to your local cell phone repair shop, you may get your phone back the same day or even the next day. You’ll never have service that fast through an insurance company. In general, cell phone repair doesn’t take very long. The length of time needed to fix your phone will depend on the damage done.

You can find a cell phone repair shop by searching Google for “phone repair shops near me”. Alternatively, you could use a mail-in repair service online to have your phone repaired no matter where you live.

Choosing cell phone repair over cell phone insurance is the smart choice. Don’t pay huge premiums and high deductibles if your phone breaks. Instead, have it fixed by a skilled cell phone repairman for faster service at a much lower cost.