Repair Service on S2 Charging Port
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Help! My Samsung Galaxy S2 Charging Port Doesn’t Charge!

Help! My Samsung Galaxy S2 Charging Port Doesn’t Charge!

What’s Wrong with My Galaxy S2 Charging Port?

If you’ve been noticing that your S2 just hasn’t been taking a charge like she used to, then you are not alone. Lots of people have been plagued by Galaxy S2 charging port problems, experiencing symptoms like:

incomplete charging, even when plugged in overnight
-only recognizing the charger when it’s held or wiggled a certain way
-alternating charging/not charging when plugged in
-not recognizing the charger at all

If these issues sound frustratingly familiar to you, don’t worry! Our RockIT Repairs techs have the both the equipment and expertise that are necessary to perform Samsung Galaxy S2 charging port repairs, on-site, in our Fredericksburg, Va. location. Whether you’re local to the ‘Burg, or need to send us your S2, we will happily relieve you of your charging port woes, at a fair and honest price!

The Samsung Galaxy S2 charging port repair is a very delicate process, and it requires the skilled use of a micro-soldering tool, which utilizes heat so intense that it melts metal, to reconnect the charging port to your S2’s motherboard, via the absolutely minuscule metal pins that connect them. Besides the micro-soldering tool, a microscope, steady hands, skill, and lots of experience are the tools used to perform this repair successfully. We repair and replace charging ports for our customers daily, and have lots of parts in stock, so give us a call!