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Importance of Using the Original Apple Chargers Versus the Knock Off Brands

Importance of Using the Original Apple Chargers Versus the Knock Off Brands

iPhone chargers are relatively simple devices, and anyone who has an iPhone and who wants to use it will need to have an iPhone charger. Apple, of course, offers chargers for iPhones. However, there are many other companies who also offer chargers for iPhones. Some people choose to buy a knock off brand iPhone charger as opposed to the original apple charger. This could be because they think it will be cheaper, because it is more convenient for them, or for other reasons. However, knock off brand iPhone chargers are simply not as good as original iPhone chargers, and here is why.

Failed Safety Tests with Non OEM Apple Chargers

iPhone chargers are electrical devices and therefore, are supposed to be able to pass safety inspections to make sure that they are fit to be used by consumers. However, one source reports that 99 % of all fake iPhone chargers examined in a trial were found to fail basic safety tests. This is a huge problem, and it means that the vast majority of fake iPhone chargers on the market are subpar devices and are actually potentially hazardous for consumers.


Fake Apple Chargers Can Cause Bodily Harm

A number of people have been severely injured by fake iPhone chargers. The injuries were primarily caused by electrical shock. This is because many of the fake iPhone chargers simply do not contain enough insulation to protect against electric shock, or have faulty wiring which can result in electric shock. There have been reports of people getting severe burns on their fingers, and even being killed from electric shocks caused by fake iPhone chargers. In November, 2016, a 28-year old man from Thailand was killed after being shocked by a fake iPhone charger while he was lying on top of a charging phone. So, people who use knock off brand iPhone chargers could potentially be risking severe bodily harm and even death by doing so.

Non OEM Apple Chargers are a Fire Hazard

Unlike real Apple chargers which are rigorously tested for safety, knock off brand chargers are major fire hazards. Because of the fact that they heat up and sometimes even realize sparks, there is a very real possibility that they could start a fire in your house or apartment. The result of this fire hazard is that some people try to save about $15 buy buying a knockoff brand could end up destroying their entire home through a fire. This is especially true for people who charge their phones near flammable things such as curtains or newspapers. So, if you do not want to burn down your home, then you should strongly consider buying an original apple charger, and not a knock off version.


Despite the fact that knock off brand chargers may seem perfectly harmless, the truth is that these devices are a severe risk, and should not be meddled with. Not only do they consistently fail safety tests, but they have actually injured and even killed people. They also pose a significant threat to property due to their potential to start fires.

So, if you are thinking of purchasing a knock off brand charger for your iPhone or other apple device, then you should really avoid doing this. Yes, you may save a tiny amount of money in the short term, but there is simply far too much to lose. It is ridiculous to risk your own life, your health, or your home for savings of $15. Original Apple chargers are tested thoroughly and comply with all safety regulations. They also work extremely well, and have plenty of insulation which protects you and your home. It should really be a no-brainer to buy original Apple chargers vs. knock offs.




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