4 kindle fire charging port repairs
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Kindle Cracked Screen Repair Service – Help Fix My Kindle

People sure do love their Kindles( just not a Kindle Cracked Screen, and with good reason. The biggest thing to happen to reading since  the paperback, Amazon’s e-reader allowed users to possess an entire library of reading material in one portable device. The Kindle Fire gave users wireless capabilities, such as checking e-mail, browsing the internet, and downloading Android apps, and opened the door for the e-reader to become a tablet of iPad-competition level.

Unfortunately, scores of Kindle devotees are blind-sided by the delicacy (or poor design, according to some customers http://cflove.org/2011/01/kindle-screen-broke-two-times-within-6-months.cfm) of their beloved e-readers and tablets. All Kindle models seem to be plagued with screen malfunctions, and they most often occur right outside of the warranty period. Cracks in the digitizer and LCD appearing for seemingly no reason, along with sudden screen freezes, are the most common Kindle screen complaints. The complaints are so common, in fact, that there is an entire webpage devoted to them. http://www.brokenkindle.com/

While some have tried to discover the issue behind the broken Kindle screen problem (http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b006mg74/features/kindle), it remains a pain to Kindle owners suffering from it, and Amazon.com hasn’t been very proactive about making it right. So, what’s the owner of a Kindle with a broken screen to do?

Your best bet is to give RockIT Repairs a call! We can fix not only Kindle screen breaks and malfunctions, we also perform repairs on another all-too-common Kindle defect, loose and non-functional charging ports. We successfully complete these repairs every day at our Fredericksburg, Va. location. Give us a call at (540) 412-8824! Quick turnaround time, fair and competitive prices, and unbeatable customer service are what you’ll find at RockIT Repairs.