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Amazon Oasis : Waterproof E-Reader with Free Nationwide 3G Internet Access


Ever since its debut, the Amazon Kindle has been delighting customers with its easy to read e-book capabilities. The small and portable devices have become a favorite for avid readers who do not want to have to go to the bookstore every time they want to read a new book. Amazon Kindles are also extremely easy for people to bring with them on vacation and to read on the beach or by the pool.


However, despite the incredible convenience and practicality of Amazon Kindles, there has been one consistent complaint since they came out; they aren’t waterproof. Many people like to read in the bath. Further, Kindles can easily get exposed to rain, or dropped into pools or the ocean. The least thing that people want when they are midway through the latest Dan Brown thriller is for their Kindles to break due to water exposure.


Enter Amazon Oasis


Amazon Oasis is the brand new solution that Amazon is offering to the “Kindles aren’t waterproof” complaint. Amazon Kindle Oasis is a brand new version of the kindle which is fully waterproof. The Kindle Oasis will be completely fine and won’t be damaged if you accidentally drop it into your bath tub, a pool, a pond, what have you.


The Amazon Oasis has been rigorously tested and even underwent a test where it was completely submerged in water 2 meters deep for a full hour. The result was that no damage was sustained to the device. This is highly encouraging and exciting for all of the bath lovers out there who are prone to dropping things.

Details of the Device


The Amazon Oasis will cost $250. This makes it significantly more expensive than other Kindle versions. However, the simple fact that it will not break if you accidentally spill a glass of water on it will most likely completely justify the higher price tag for many people. The Oasis will feature a 7-inch, 300 dpi screen, and will have a free Audible account. The 7-inch screen is one inch larger than the previous 6-inch screen. It also has a waterproof rating of IPX8, meaning it is proven to be able to sustain at least one hour of complete submersion in water without problem.


The release date for the Amazon Oasis is October 31rst. There will be a 32GB version and a 32GB version with a cellular connection available in addition to the 8GB version So, people will have a number of different versions to choose from and they can select the one that best suits them.


Looking Ahead


The Amazon Kindle Oasis is a game changer for e-readers. It will bring a new level of comfort and convenience to those who love to read on electronic devices. Soon, it may be commonplace to see people bringing their Kindle Oases with them while they relax on floats in the pool. The fact that these new Kindles are slightly larger means that they may be better for people who have vision problems or who struggle to read small words.


However, despite the fact that Amazon Kindle Oases will undoubtedly bring many positive changes, these devices are not completely immune to breaking down. Most electronic devices are still vulnerable to things like being dropped, being stepped on, or just general wear and tear over time.


If your Amazon Kindle Oasis breaks down and if you need to get it repaired, then RockIT Repairs can help! We are experts at Kindle repairs, and we are excited to help Amazon customers be able to get their Kindle Oasis back running like new after they break. So, please feel free to contact us for all of your Kindle repair needs.






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Kindle Fire Repair

Amazon Kindle Fires are extremely handy devices. Kindle Fire owners can read books, watch shows and movies, surf the web, go on their social media accounts, use apps, and more, all from their Kindle Fires. There is even a Kindle Fire option that is available now for just $50.


All of these factors have helped propel Amazon forward in the tablet market. Amazon is selling millions of these tablets per year. In fact, in the first quarter of 2016 alone, Amazon sold 2.2 million Kindle Fires! However, despite the immense popularity of Kindle, these tablets still frequently experience issues and problems. Here are some of the top Kindle Fire Problems.




  1. App consistently refuses to load


If you are one of the 50 percent of online shoppers who uses the Amazon app, or if you use other apps on your Kindle Fire, it can be extremely frustrating if your apps won’t load. There could be a number of different reasons why this is happening. However, there are also a few basic solutions that might work for your device.


One very simple thing you could try is uninstalling the app, turning off your device, restarting it, and then re-downloading the app. This may resolve this issue. Another thing that you could try is clearing the cashe. To do this, go to settings – Apps and Games – Manage All Applications. Once you are there, find the app that won’t load click on it, then click, Clear Cache.


  1. Device won’t start at all


This is yet another highly inconvenient and annoying issue that commonly occurs with the Kindle Fire. This too can prevent you from properly using your device. Here are some possible solutions for this issue.


The first thing that you should try is holding down the power button for 20 seconds. This will shut it down. Then press power again to see if the issue was fixed, and the device turns on again. This problem could also be caused by very little or no battery power. So shut down the device by hold the power button for 20 seconds. Then plug in the tablet, let it charge and try again. This could solve the issue.




  1. Device keeps shutting down


In addition to your device not turning on, if it keeps shutting down at random times, then this can also be a major problem. After all, how are you supposed to read the new book you just downloaded, or get caught up on Game of Thrones if your Kindle Fire keeps shutting down? Amazon is also spending $3 billion a year on video content. So it is important for both the company and for you that this content works!


This also could be caused by having low battery, so check that first. If that does not solve the problem, then reset the device by holding the power button down for twenty seconds, then press it again. If this also doesn’t work, then there might be an overheating issue. Remove the case, turn the tablet off for a little while and then try it again when it has cooled down. This could solve the problem.



Getting Your Kindle Fire Repaired


If you are having these issues with your Kindle Fire, or other ones, and you just can’t fix them yourself, then getting them professionally repaired is a great option. RockIt Repairs does Kindle Fire repairs. They can fix a wide range of Kindle Fire issues, and make your Kindle Fire work just like it did when you first bought it.


Getting your Kindle Fire repaired can be significantly less expensive than replacing it. Therefore, it many cases it makes good financial sense to have it repaired. Contact RockIt Repairs to get your Kindle Fire repaired today!

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RockIT Repairs Now Fixing All Issues With Your Kindle Fire 

Among the vast cornucopia of entertainment devices that we have available to us these days, none are quite like the Kindle made by Amazon. With the new Kindle Fire, you are not just limited to the library of books available to purchase at the Kindle store, which incidentally is one of the biggest ebook stores on the internet. Using the Kindle Fire, you can also watch movies, surf social media websites and stay just as connected as you would if you had been using a smart phone, a smart watch or any other such devices. Read more “Amazon Kindle Fire Repair Services at RockIT”

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Kindle Fire Charging Issues

Is your brand new Kindle Fire permanently battery dead? Has your Kindle Fire suddenly stopped charging? If so, you are not alone. Resources say that about 13-15% of Kindle Fires on every sales batch are returned due to customer dissatisfaction, all because of the same problem. Sadly, these figures don’t even begin to describe the horrors. This 15% are just the fortunate few who have been able to get their brand new Kindle Fires replaced on discovering this fault. Sadly, a much larger number of customers end up facing the problem post expiration of warranty, after about a year of purchase or so, and are thereby rendered completely helpless with an insatiable urge for reading and a dead device to back it up. Amazon is yet to take any suitable action to solve this problem, resulting in a brimming number of frustrated customers, who are now sharing their grudge on the Kindle Fire forum.

So is there a way out? Or is your new Kindle Fire dead for better or for worse? Thankfully, there is an explanation, and even a cheap way out. The fault found in most Kindle devices is the Kindle Charging Port Defect, a surprisingly common and yet unnoticed problem found in Kindle Fires, caused due to an improper soldering in the motherboard. The symptoms are simple. Even after putting your Kindle Fire for charging for several long hours, you get back to find out their device is still presenting itself with a dead battery.

Kindle fire charging port repair fix
Fixing charging issues with a bad repair from another shop

There are the usual troubleshooting tips, like holding the power button down for 30 seconds, then plug into charger to reset, or, cleaning port with 99% alcohol. But if your problem is real, this probably won’t work. You may be able to temporarily run your Kindle by finding a sweet spot, on insertion of your charger into the port from a special angle or position, which miraculously causes it to charge up. But chances are, sooner or later, you will end up with the same problem. Your Kindle Fire will be doornail, and Amazon won’t give a damn. That’s when you need to come to us.

If your Kindle Fire has stopped charging, RockIT Repairs has got the perfect solution for you. What we do basically is have your entire port replaced, thereby eliminating all issues with charging. For just $59.99, we will have your Kindle Fire fixed and shipped back to you within 24 hours of reception. Our experts have the right solution for every dead Kindle device! So if you have got a Kindle Fire or a Kindle Fire HD that won’t work, just give us a call at (540) 412-8824, and we’ll be right on to it.

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People sure do love their Kindles( just not a Kindle Cracked Screen, and with good reason. The biggest thing to happen to reading since  the paperback, Amazon’s e-reader allowed users to possess an entire library of reading material in one portable device. The Kindle Fire gave users wireless capabilities, such as checking e-mail, browsing the internet, and downloading Android apps, and opened the door for the e-reader to become a tablet of iPad-competition level.

Unfortunately, scores of Kindle devotees are blind-sided by the delicacy (or poor design, according to some customers of their beloved e-readers and tablets. All Kindle models seem to be plagued with screen malfunctions, and they most often occur right outside of the warranty period. Cracks in the digitizer and LCD appearing for seemingly no reason, along with sudden screen freezes, are the most common Kindle screen complaints. The complaints are so common, in fact, that there is an entire webpage devoted to them.

While some have tried to discover the issue behind the broken Kindle screen problem (, it remains a pain to Kindle owners suffering from it, and hasn’t been very proactive about making it right. So, what’s the owner of a Kindle with a broken screen to do?

Your best bet is to give RockIT Repairs a call! We can fix not only Kindle screen breaks and malfunctions, we also perform repairs on another all-too-common Kindle defect, loose and non-functional charging ports. We successfully complete these repairs every day at our Fredericksburg, Va. location. Give us a call at (540) 412-8824! Quick turnaround time, fair and competitive prices, and unbeatable customer service are what you’ll find at RockIT Repairs.