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Lithium-ion battery fires, explosions and other dangers

Instances of fires, explosions and other serious emergencies involving lithium-ion batteries have increased over the last year. Mobile phone and other Li-ion powered device users often wonder if there is anything they can do to protect themselves against this danger. Additionally, people are surprised to learn that the risks associated with Li-ion batteries can affect mobile phone repairs. We have created this short guide to help make the topic less confusing.

What are lithium-ion batteries?

Li-ion batteries are rechargeable energy cells that generate electrochemical reactions via a solution of non-metallic lithium ions. They are perfect for use in portable electronics because they are less unstable than lithium metal and dense enough to create lightweight batteries.

Why do they cause so many problems?

Liquid electrolytes inside the batteries are flammable and irritate the skin. Without certain safety measures, lithium-ion batteries suffer instability, overheat and then expand from pressure, catch fire or explode. Manufacturer and design flaws and defects and user error and accidents can also cause overheating and battery damage. Any type of damage can release toxic gasses as well.

How to decrease the risks

Since manufacturing problems can happen at any time, it is important that you regularly check the manufacturer’s website for recall notices and warnings. Also, always use manufacturer-approved chargers and only as instructed. Unapproved chargers might not meet safety requirements or have power management systems to prevent rapid charging or overcharging and related overheating. Replace swollen, damaged and hotter-than-normal batteries and keep batteries away from heat sources, including sunlight, stoves, pants pockets and between seat cushions. Lastly, since any device irregularities affect battery stability, hire a repair expert to inspect devices that experience sudden hardware or software problems or any type of ground drops or damage.

At our RockIT Repairs cell phone repair locations, our experienced technicians help local and long-distance customers determine if their lithium-ion batteries are safe and if repair-related problems might have a negative impact on working batteries. Beyond mobile phones, we perform Kindle repair and fix tablets, laptops, related accessories and other electronics that contain lithium-ion batteries. Contact us today for more information.