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Protecting your phones and tablets from mobile malware

Most people know about viruses that attack their computers, but they do not know anything about viruses that attack their mobile devices. There is malicious software which is created to attack your mobile device.

What is mobile malware?

This malicious software specifically attacks the operating system in mobile devices. These malware types also take advantage of certain mobile device software technologies. They represent malware attacks in the modern technology world, and with the growth in mobile technology, they have become common.

How do you expose your device to mobile malware?

The most common ways are downloading files and applications from the internet. They access your personal information and make it accessible to a cyber-criminal. The malicious app may also dial premium-rate numbers from your device and leave you with costly bills on your mobile. Other applications will completely ruin your mobile device to a point you cannot use it again.

Another way is through text messages or voicemails from numbers that look legitimate. They will call asking for your personal information.

Tips to help you stay safe from mobile malware

1. Ensure that you only download your applications from a legitimate market. Also, you should check other reviews and feedback before downloading. Avoid apps that have negative reviews. Make sure you are surfing and downloading files using a secure wireless network. Be sure to establish whether you understand the privacy policies of the app.

2. Ensure that you do not share your personal information when you download the application.

3. Go through your mobile statements to ensure there are no suspicious charges. If there are such charges, contact your mobile provider and enquire about them.

4. Avoid responding to anonymous text messages or voicemails with your personal information. If they claim they are your bank or any service providers, call their legitimate line and verify if it is true.

5. Always visit legitimate sites while browsing on the internet.

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