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Most people know about viruses that attack their computers, but they do not know anything about viruses that attack their mobile devices. There is malicious software which is created to attack your mobile device.

What is mobile malware?

This malicious software specifically attacks the operating system in mobile devices. These malware types also take advantage of certain mobile device software technologies. They represent malware attacks in the modern technology world, and with the growth in mobile technology, they have become common.

How do you expose your device to mobile malware?

The most common ways are downloading files and applications from the internet. They access your personal information and make it accessible to a cyber-criminal. The malicious app may also dial premium-rate numbers from your device and leave you with costly bills on your mobile. Other applications will completely ruin your mobile device to a point you cannot use it again.

Another way is through text messages or voicemails from numbers that look legitimate. They will call asking for your personal information.

Tips to help you stay safe from mobile malware

1. Ensure that you only download your applications from a legitimate market. Also, you should check other reviews and feedback before downloading. Avoid apps that have negative reviews. Make sure you are surfing and downloading files using a secure wireless network. Be sure to establish whether you understand the privacy policies of the app.

2. Ensure that you do not share your personal information when you download the application.

3. Go through your mobile statements to ensure there are no suspicious charges. If there are such charges, contact your mobile provider and enquire about them.

4. Avoid responding to anonymous text messages or voicemails with your personal information. If they claim they are your bank or any service providers, call their legitimate line and verify if it is true.

5. Always visit legitimate sites while browsing on the internet.

In conclusion, if you are experiencing trouble with your mobile device, you can also visit RockIT Repairs. We are a Virginia-based cell phone repair shop with vast experience in fixing damaged phones, laptops, tablets and other electronics.

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Instances of fires, explosions and other serious emergencies involving lithium-ion batteries have increased over the last year. Mobile phone and other Li-ion powered device users often wonder if there is anything they can do to protect themselves against this danger. Additionally, people are surprised to learn that the risks associated with Li-ion batteries can affect mobile phone repairs. We have created this short guide to help make the topic less confusing.

What are lithium-ion batteries?

Li-ion batteries are rechargeable energy cells that generate electrochemical reactions via a solution of non-metallic lithium ions. They are perfect for use in portable electronics because they are less unstable than lithium metal and dense enough to create lightweight batteries.

Why do they cause so many problems?

Liquid electrolytes inside the batteries are flammable and irritate the skin. Without certain safety measures, lithium-ion batteries suffer instability, overheat and then expand from pressure, catch fire or explode. Manufacturer and design flaws and defects and user error and accidents can also cause overheating and battery damage. Any type of damage can release toxic gasses as well.

How to decrease the risks

Since manufacturing problems can happen at any time, it is important that you regularly check the manufacturer’s website for recall notices and warnings. Also, always use manufacturer-approved chargers and only as instructed. Unapproved chargers might not meet safety requirements or have power management systems to prevent rapid charging or overcharging and related overheating. Replace swollen, damaged and hotter-than-normal batteries and keep batteries away from heat sources, including sunlight, stoves, pants pockets and between seat cushions. Lastly, since any device irregularities affect battery stability, hire a repair expert to inspect devices that experience sudden hardware or software problems or any type of ground drops or damage.

At our RockIT Repairs cell phone repair locations, our experienced technicians help local and long-distance customers determine if their lithium-ion batteries are safe and if repair-related problems might have a negative impact on working batteries. Beyond mobile phones, we perform Kindle repair and fix tablets, laptops, related accessories and other electronics that contain lithium-ion batteries. Contact us today for more information.

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With today’s technology, a phone is no longer just for making calls. It is a high-tech digital camera, a computing device, a navigational tool, an alarm clock.

Any device that is used so much is bound to suffer damage if unprotected. It may get dropped or exposed to the weather, and for most modern phones that would be lights out. Some of the more expensive models are known for screen breakage from almost trivial impacts. Before accidents happen, you may wish to look into protective covers to waterproof your phone and insulate it from shock. This small investment could save a lot of heartbreak later.

You could also buy a packet of screen savers, those peelable strips of adhesive transparent plastic which are placed over your phone screen to protect its delicate surface from scratches. For those who often use their phone to watch videos, a scratch-free screen is a must.

It is also wise to put your phone someplace safe when it is not being used. For instance, if you have a job where you are moving around a lot and there is a chance the phone might be damaged, do not carry the device with you unless absolutely necessary.

Sometimes despite your best efforts, accidents happen. If your phone breaks somehow you could always upgrade. But some people like the phone they have and may want it repaired. In that case, there are many cell phone repair shops available.

One of these can be found right in the Virginia area. ROCKIT Repairs is a business specializing in refurbishing mobile phones, and also offers Kindle repair, Xbox One Repair, and repair of laptops. There are currently two ROCKIT Repairs stores in Virginia. Customers can call ahead and make an appointment, or just come in. For those not in the Virginia area, Rockit Repairs offers convenient mail-in of your device and serves customers from all over the country.

It’s best to avoid problems before they happen, but it’s good to know there are options available in case they do and you want to keep the phone you have.

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When it comes to technology, we’ve quickly become a culture of ‘keeping up with the phoneses’. The concept of haste makes waste has been buried in a landfill under latest is greatest. Even in the thesaurus, the word ‘replace’ has become synonymous with ‘repair’. Where’s our common sense gone?

It seems as though every new season offers an opportunity for consumers to shell out bigger bucks for the smallest smartphone updates. And what’s more, a cell phone needing a minor repair provides just the right excuse to market those little updates to you.

People used to fix things; they weren’t so quick to pollute the earth with discarded trends and inconveniences. Smartphone repair may seem less than chic, but it is far more intelligent than buying new every year – for several reasons.

Cell phone repair is practical

It means more money and more freedom staying in your pocket. Most smartphone repairs are far less costly than the purchase price of a new smartphone. The average retail price for a smartphone is about $600, or you can save the retail cost up front by paying for it with a long-term, locked-in service contract. For freedom lovers everywhere, the most frugal choice is cell phone repair. A good cell phone repair shop is as American as the Apple iPhone!

It’s environmentally conscious

Cell phone repair, laptop repair – even Xbox repair – helps to preserve the landscape. Even when taking recycling into consideration, all those discarded batteries, plastics and chemicals have to go somewhere.

But perhaps the most appealing reason to repair a smart phone instead of replacing it every year is what you’ll see when you look around the bend (pun intended). Remember, a penny saved IS a penny earned, and it just might be fun to sock away a few of those saved technology dollars for something REALLY new and interesting. With flexible cell phone screens, smart bangle bracelets, accordion phones and other weird and wonderful technologies rolling out in just a few years, you’ll be glad that you were smart.

Right to repair your cell phones
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Your smartphone is basically a small computer. The purchase prices reflect this. We’re not carrying $100.00 phones around with us anymore, and this makes cell phone insurance even more attractive.

There are some serious problems with using insurance to replace your phone. Did you know you might be better off repairing it? Let me give you a few little known facts about refurbished cell phones.

Your Insurance Plan Probably Isn’t As Clear As You Think

You paid for it, usually as a monthly recurring charge through your cell phone service provider, but do you really know what you bought?

Sadly, most of us don’t read the fine print, and there could be all kinds of bad news hidden in there. For starters, your service provider probably isn’t the insurer. They’re just marketing the service to you.

The contract is really with some business entity you have no real relationship with. Their terms and conditions may not be what you expect.

Most insurance contracts only agree to replace your phone with a similar device. That device may be refurbished itself, which means the manufacturer repaired it after another user reported malfunctions.

Occasionally, you might receive a floor model, but most of the replacement devices under insurance are refurbished models.

If you want a brand new phone, you may have to pay full price. It’s also possible to find out too late that there is a large deductible on your plan.

Are There Risks In Receiving Refurbished Phones?

Even Business Insider has reported on increased failure risk in refurbished phones. Basically, you have no idea what you’re getting.

I’m not saying that companies are deliberately passing off phones that are defective, but problems happen. Sometimes malfunctions are difficult to foresee. When you add another user in the chain, the risks increase just on a common sense basis.

Your refurbished phone may not have the same warranty benefits as a new phone, and you could encounter a run around if you need to have that device replaced.

Can I Repair My Cell Phone Easily?

There are several businesses dedicated to repairing cell phones. We can help you right here at Rockit Repairs. We specialize in cell phone repair, tablet repair, and desktop device repair. We can fix broken screens, and more.

1.    LCD Screen Repair

2.    Glass Only Screen Repair with Liquid Optically Clear Adhesive

3.    Charging Port Repair

4.    Power Button Repair

5.    Battery Replacement

6.    Home Button Repair

7.    Mic Repair

8.    Speaker Repair

We have three convenient locations in Spotsylvania, Fredericksburg and Stafford, Virginia. You can even arrange for repair services right through the mail.

Before you commit, you can live chat with a Rockit Repairs representative who can answer any questions you may have.

We guarantee our services with a 90 day warranty on the parts we repaired or replaced.

What Will It Cost To Repair My Smartphone?

Bring your device in or mail it to us so we can tell you more about repair costs. We only need a $25.00 deposit to review the damage. We can order any necessary parts and will call you to explain the necessary repairs.

At that point, you can give us the go-ahead or arrange to pick up your device.

Repairing Your Cell Phone: Good For You And Good For The Environment

Not only can you save money through having your cell phone repaired, you’ll also have a safer product. That’s all good for you, but you’ll be doing some good yourself for the world around you.

In this disposable culture of ours, we tend to create a lot of needless trash. Keeping the repair market viable is important to reducing our footprint on the environment.

You really have nothing to lose because there is no risk in reaching out for more information. Save yourself from the potential pitfalls of a faulty refurbished device and a run around from your cell phone insurance provider and call us today.

Don’t forget to check out our friends over at REPAIR.ORG who are doing big things in terms of advocacy for our industry! Share your support and learn more at https://repair.org/electronics/