cell phone repair is better than insurance
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Cell Phone Repair or Insurance…What is the best option?

Smartphones are expensive. The new iPhone 6S is in $600 range and many of the newer Android phones are right around that price point as well. It seems like every time a new phone comes out, the prices go up. Because of the increasing price tags, most people can’t afford to simply replace their cell phone if it breaks. So, they buy insurance. But what if there’s a better way? Read more “Cell Phone Repair vs Insurance”

Google-Nexus-Live-Stream Event-September-29-
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Google is expected to announce quite an array of new devices at their Google Nexus event today. We should see the new Nexus 5X toting a larger display, higher MP camera, faster processing speed, fingerprint recognition sensor, however the most exciting feature is the new USB Type C connector. Another important smartphone that they are going to be releasing is the Nexus 6P. It will feature a new design, smaller front led display and the new Marshmallow Android operating system. Read more “Watch Google Nexus Event Live Stream | September 29, 2015”

iPhone 6S and 6S Plus Shatters Sales Records
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Apple iPhone 6S Shatters Sales Records | 13 Million in 3 Days

In just 72 hours Apple has broken its previous iPhone 6 sales record of 10 million with 13 million iPhone 6S sales in just three days. This was the first time that the iPhone launched in China which most certainly helped to boost weekend sales. The iPhone 6S  and iPhone 6S plus launched in just 12 countries and will be available in over 40 countries by October 9th, 2015. By the end of the year Apples iPhone 6S will be in over 130 countries and still shattering records. These sales numbers were slightly above wall street estimates, which will most certainly have the stock opening Read more “Apple iPhone 6S Shatters Sales Records | 13 Million Sold in 3 Days”

blackberry priv back camera and cover
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The Rumors Are True : Blackberry Launches New “Priv” Smartphone

Well Blackberry has finally put the rumors to rest. They will be launching the “Blackberry Priv” with a release date of late November 2015. CEO John Chen confirmed this news while giving the second quarter financial results for the company. Enthusiasts can expect the same high tier BlackBerry enterprise security and productivity suits we are all accustomed to with BlackBerry , with the addition of the Android mobile platform to expand its capabilities to utilize Android apps on your blackberry phone. This device is expected  Read more “Blackberry Launches New “Priv” Smartphone : The Rumors Are True”

broken s5 camera glass
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How to Guide: Samsung Galaxy S5 Back Camera Glass Replacement

This guide will show you how to fix and replace your Samsung Galaxy S5 back camera glass lens on the following S5 models.

  1. i9600 S5 Back Camera Glass Replacement
  2. G900A S5 Back Camera Glass Replacement
  3. G900T S5 Back Camera Glass Replacement
  4. G900V S5 Back Camera Glass Replacement

Read more “Samsung Galaxy S5 Back Camera Glass Replacement”