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Samsung Galaxy SIV S4 Front Glass Replacement & Repair Service

With the new Samsung Galaxy S4 flying off the shelves at an alarming rate, it is not hard to believe that we are seeing more customers bringing them to us with cracked screens.  We do the front glass replacement on all models including but not limited to the Samsung Galaxy S4 M919, L720, i545 & i9500. The phone is currently offered through Sprint, T-Mobile & AT&T. If you are just looking to see which carrier to go with if you are thinking about purchasing a S4 here is a great article.

If you need a S4 front glass replacement on the Samsung Galaxy S4 we can do the repair for only $99.99(this is for our double sided adhesive option – we do Liquid Optically Clear Adhesive for only $139.99!) That includes rush repair(same day receive, fix and ship)  and free return shipping via USPS priority 2 day with tracking. If you send the device to us via UPS or FedEx we can repair and ship the device back out to you the same day we receive! Now that is RockIT Fast! if you want to send us you galaxy s4 for a mail in repair please go to our mail in cell phone repair page and print out the form and follow the on-page instructions for mailing and packaging your Galaxy S4. If you have any questions or concerns you can call us directly at 540-412-8824 or email us at [email protected]

Here is our S4 repair video. Prior to this video the unit was heated using our SMD rework station to ensure the lcd does not break when separating the three layers of glass, digitizer and lcd.  This is a very advanced repair and only one of our techs works  on the S3, S4 and Samsung Note and Note II models. I do not recommend this repair for a beginner. Try at your own risk or have our expert tech repair the device.

*updated 11/26/13: Here is a video that shows us applying LOCA to our glass replacement on a Samsung Galaxy S4

(We always recommend using liquid optical adhesive when getting your S4 cracked glass repaired as it provides the most accurate back to OEM feel and look) (Without LOCA you will have glare issues and issues when pressing hard on your screen)