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Simple fixes for sluggish smartphone reception

You’re on the phone with a far-away family member, beloved significant other, or important work-related client. You hurriedly gasp, “Hello, are you there? Hello? Are yo-” click, you just lost cell phone service. Smartphones are expensive and high-tech enough — shouldn’t they reliably hold a signal?

Oftentimes, the problem isn’t your smartphone. Several factors weigh into smartphone call quality. Let’s learn how you can improve call quality without picking up a new carrier or buying a new device.

Remove your smart phone case

Many of us equip our expensive, fragile smart phones with aesthetically-pleasing or sturdy cases. Cases often protect against screen shattering, an inconvenient view-limiting problem most of us have dealt with. However, cases take away from call quality and increase the frequency of dropped calls.

Consider removing your smartphone’s case whenever you receive or make calls. You don’t have to remove your case permanently and never reattach it — just remove it when you need it.

Connect to other service towers

Cell phone calls work by transmitting packets of data to nearby service towers, then remitting them to whoever’s on the receiving end of the call. There may not always be other towers to choose from in particular areas, namely rural areas. Whenever you are around multiple towers and receiving bad call quality, switch to another service tower.

Remove obstructions from your direct proximity

The more cluttered your immediate surroundings are, the less likely your phone calls will be of higher quality. If at work or home, remove tall, bulky objects from windows. While driving, roll down your windows or sunroof.

Invest in a signal booster

Signal boosters can be directly attached to your smartphone, installed in your car, or added to your home or workplace facility. These helpful devices amplify the signals transmitted from your phone to nearby service towers. The technology behind signal boosters is difficult to understand, but just know they work!

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