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What are the biggest threats to your electronics?

Whether we are talking about your phone, laptop, desktop, or tablet, there are plenty of ways to turn your valuable electronics into a useless pile of glass and circuitry. The good news is that the expert team at Rockit Repairs are able to undo the damage in most cases, and get you reconnected fast. However, staying aware of the biggest threats to your high-tech tools might just make cell phone repair services unnecessary.

Your favorite beverage

A laptop’s worst enemy also happens to be one of its most common tablemates. A tall mug of coffee might seem like the perfect way to complement your morning web browsing, but it only takes a misplaced elbow to correct that misperception. Worst of all, water damage is usually not repair-friendly.


This is one that many laptop and tablet owners overlook, until it’s too late. While it might seem like a good idea to blast your favorite song in the shower, the excess steam can quickly build up inside your device, leading to long term damage. Fortunately, many new phone models are waterproof.


It should come as no surprise that the most common mobile cracks, scrapes, and dents come from slippery fingers. And while a drop-proof phone has yet to be invented, you can at least rest easy knowing that suck damage is usually easy to repair. Better yet, just invest in a sturdy case.

Digital threats

With the number of high-profile malware stories in the news today, it should be no surprise that hackers, scammers, and the like rank alongside all of the physical threats to your hardware. Make sure to stay up to date with your antivirus software, and install a good firewall as soon as possible.

Password problems

In some cases, it doesn’t take an experienced hacker to get past your digital defenses and into your sensitive data. If you are still using 1-2-3-4, or the name of your cat as your device’s password, then it may be time for a change. Even better, try to use a different password for all of your devices.