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4 ways to protect your phone on vacation

Summer is almost officially here, and most of us already have plans in motion for some great vacations over the next few months. Before you hit the road to your warm weather destinations, be sure to check out these four tips for avoiding any unfortunate cell phone accidents that could seriously dampen your otherwise fantastic vacation.

1) Buy a screen protector

Screen protectors are generally pretty inexpensive, and they can save you from having to visit a cell phone repair shop repeatedly over the course of your summer. The screen protector will reduce any scratching to the screen of your phone while you’re shoving it in backpacks and pockets, and it will help to absorb the impact if and when you drop it.

2) Waterproof it

If you’re going anywhere near the water this summer, whether it’s a beach, pool, or a water park, be sure to take some precautions in keeping your phone protected from the water and sand that could damage it in a heartbeat. Invest in a waterproof phone case, or go the cheaper route and keep your phone in a sealed plastic bag while you’re out and about.

3) Keep it cool

If the direct heat is too much for you, it’s definitely too much for your phone. Most cell phones have a recommended heat limit, and if you’re out in the warm weather for extended periods of time with your phone out and in use, the chances are high that it’s going to overheat. Keep your phone out of direct sunlight as much as possible, and make sure to store it in a cool purse or backpack while not in use to avoid excessive overheating. On the off chance that it does overheat, turn it off immediately and continue to store it in a dark and cool area.

4) Invest in non-greasy sunscreen

You’ll more than likely forget that you covered your face in greasy lotion two minutes ago and as soon as you pick up your phone to answer a call, it’s going to be all over the screen. Consider buying non-greasy lotions or sprays to avoid having to clean a ton of gunk off of your phone.

If you find yourself needing a cell phone repair after your vacation this summer, be sure to contact RockIT Repairs for assistance. We’ll be glad to fix your device and send you back out to enjoy the warm weather in no time.