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One of the best perks of owning a cell phone is the ability to customize your phone’s content with apps. You should, however, be aware that not all apps are beneficial, and some can take up large amounts of space and use up your data quickly. Be aware of the nature of the apps you install and monitor their data usage and effects on your phone.

Pre-installed apps

When you get a new cell phone, there are going to be apps that are already installed. These apps usually take up a good bit of your available storage depending on the brand you choose. Take this into consideration when you download additional apps to avoid low storage and data issues.

Apps with malware

Some apps seem harmless enough and may feature positive reviews; however, these apps can really damage your phone with embedded malware. If you notice your phone acting strangely, or your antivirus gives you a new notification on a potential threat from the app, you should consider deleting it before it can damage your phone. If your phone does become damaged from such an app, you should bring it to a professional cell phone repair shop.

Phone space and data

Monitor the available space on your phone because having too many apps can quickly deplete the amount available. If you don’t use apps frequently, consider deleting them to make more space. Chances are, you probably don’t really need them if you haven’t used them in a few months. Some apps take up large amounts of space too, so take note of their size and determine if you really need them or not. Keep in mind that there are some apps that you may need to manually turn off when not in use to save data. You should be able to either perform this manually, or you may have an app manager installed on your phone that does this automatically.

Apps are a great feature of cell phones, but they can also cause issues if not carefully monitored. If you run into a problem you can bring your cell phone to Rockit Repairs cell phone shop to get it running normally again. Check out our website at rockitrepairs.com for more information.

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Whether we are talking about your phone, laptop, desktop, or tablet, there are plenty of ways to turn your valuable electronics into a useless pile of glass and circuitry. The good news is that the expert team at Rockit Repairs are able to undo the damage in most cases, and get you reconnected fast. However, staying aware of the biggest threats to your high-tech tools might just make cell phone repair services unnecessary.

Your favorite beverage

A laptop’s worst enemy also happens to be one of its most common tablemates. A tall mug of coffee might seem like the perfect way to complement your morning web browsing, but it only takes a misplaced elbow to correct that misperception. Worst of all, water damage is usually not repair-friendly.


This is one that many laptop and tablet owners overlook, until it’s too late. While it might seem like a good idea to blast your favorite song in the shower, the excess steam can quickly build up inside your device, leading to long term damage. Fortunately, many new phone models are waterproof.


It should come as no surprise that the most common mobile cracks, scrapes, and dents come from slippery fingers. And while a drop-proof phone has yet to be invented, you can at least rest easy knowing that suck damage is usually easy to repair. Better yet, just invest in a sturdy case.

Digital threats

With the number of high-profile malware stories in the news today, it should be no surprise that hackers, scammers, and the like rank alongside all of the physical threats to your hardware. Make sure to stay up to date with your antivirus software, and install a good firewall as soon as possible.

Password problems

In some cases, it doesn’t take an experienced hacker to get past your digital defenses and into your sensitive data. If you are still using 1-2-3-4, or the name of your cat as your device’s password, then it may be time for a change. Even better, try to use a different password for all of your devices.

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One of the simplest and most effective ways to protect your phone from damage is to buy a phone case. Before you make your selection, however, you should assess your individual needs to determine what type of case is going to best suit your needs.

Lifestyle and activities matter

Your phone case selection should fit your lifestyle, so don’t make the mistake of selecting a phone case based on how it looks or if you like the material it consists of. The best way to protect your phone from costly repairs or possible replacement is to figure out what types of dangers your phone faces daily, and then choose a phone case that offers substantial protection from those dangers. For example, if you work in the construction field, you are going to want to purchase a phone case designed to protect your phone from impacts and falling debris. You should invest in the more reputable brands known for being able to take a great deal of abuse. If you are into watersports or tend to go hiking quite frequently, you are going to want to get a phone case that can give you some type of protection from the water. There are several brands specifically designed to keep your phone safe from water damage.

Quality matters

When choosing your phone case you are going to want to invest in the best product you can afford. Having the right case can help prevent the need for phone repairs. Do some research before you buy your case to find out what your options are, and decide what the best model is going to be for your individual needs. If you find that you still need a cell phone repair, make sure you select a reputable company that can help you save money, such as RockIT Repairs. Stop in or call us for more information on our services.

Selecting a good phone case that fits your lifestyle is important because it helps prevent damage and prolongs your phone’s life. Select the most well-made model you can afford and do some research before making a purchase. If you find you need repairs, have a reputable company in mind that can get the job done and saves you money.

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You’re on the phone with a far-away family member, beloved significant other, or important work-related client. You hurriedly gasp, “Hello, are you there? Hello? Are yo-” click, you just lost cell phone service. Smartphones are expensive and high-tech enough — shouldn’t they reliably hold a signal?

Oftentimes, the problem isn’t your smartphone. Several factors weigh into smartphone call quality. Let’s learn how you can improve call quality without picking up a new carrier or buying a new device.

Remove your smart phone case

Many of us equip our expensive, fragile smart phones with aesthetically-pleasing or sturdy cases. Cases often protect against screen shattering, an inconvenient view-limiting problem most of us have dealt with. However, cases take away from call quality and increase the frequency of dropped calls.

Consider removing your smartphone’s case whenever you receive or make calls. You don’t have to remove your case permanently and never reattach it — just remove it when you need it.

Connect to other service towers

Cell phone calls work by transmitting packets of data to nearby service towers, then remitting them to whoever’s on the receiving end of the call. There may not always be other towers to choose from in particular areas, namely rural areas. Whenever you are around multiple towers and receiving bad call quality, switch to another service tower.

Remove obstructions from your direct proximity

The more cluttered your immediate surroundings are, the less likely your phone calls will be of higher quality. If at work or home, remove tall, bulky objects from windows. While driving, roll down your windows or sunroof.

Invest in a signal booster

Signal boosters can be directly attached to your smartphone, installed in your car, or added to your home or workplace facility. These helpful devices amplify the signals transmitted from your phone to nearby service towers. The technology behind signal boosters is difficult to understand, but just know they work!

Still experiencing bad call quality after trying these helpful tips? Visit our Virginia-based experts at RockIT Repairs. Trained, certified service professionals fix phones, laptops, and other digital devices at our two Virginia locations.

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Thieves in the United States steal millions of mobile phones every year. Beyond offering services related to phone repairs, we also show customers how to improve their lives when using their phones and other devices. The following three security tips can help make dealing with phone theft easier:

Lock your cell phone

One of the most important theft deterrent features on your phone is its lock screen. Although thieves can find software for hacking phones, many thieves only take phones that offer them immediate open access. Make your phone unattractive by setting up the lock screen with a passcode, drawing or gesture and then using the lock every time you’re away from it.

Install hidden tracking software

You’re probably already familiar with geolocation trackers that allow you to share your phone’s location on social networks so that family, friends and followers know where you’re located at any given moment. Although you can sometimes use this software in a pinch to find a stolen phone, thieves typically turn off obvious tracking apps. Instead, install remote access GPS tracking software that has been specially designed by a security firm to remain hidden until needed.

Change your outdoor behaviors

Your behavior has a direct impact on whether you become the victim of phone theft. Many people take unnecessary risks while running errands, enjoying a night on the town and traveling during business trips and vacations. In addition to using the lock screen, always check that you have your phone on you before leaving any location. People frequently leave behind their phones accidentally in cars, on retail store counters and restaurant or bar tables, and at gas station pumps. They also commonly lose their phones on seating in public transportation vehicles, movie theaters and churches.

At our two RockIT Repairs Virginia cell phone repairs shops, our expert technicians can help you repair damage to a retrieved stolen phone and show you additional tips and tricks for keeping your phone data safe from thieves. We provide both local and long-distance cell phone repair technical support. For more information, contact us by phone or email today.