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Many of us, at some point, have experienced an issue with our technology, and when it comes to laptops, our precious data stored on them can risk being lost. Don’t panic when these problems happen. Follow these tips to help get your data restored.


There are a number of scenarios that cause a laptop to either freeze or completely shut down. You may have experienced a power surge, spilled liquid on the keyboard, or even dropped your laptop. These are common occurrences that cause the laptop to break and become inaccessible.

Your first thought is probably how you are going to retrieve the stored information. You can attempt to dry off the keyboard and store the laptop upside down to regain access. For minor spills, this may work, but may take some time for the components under the keyboard to dry out. If there was a power surge you should attempt to reboot the laptop. If you notice any odors immediately turn the laptop off and remove the battery. For a dropped laptop, you can remove the battery and then replace it and attempt to turn it on. If none of these attempts are successful, it is time to enlist the help of a professional to retrieve your valuable data.

Finding someone to perform data recovery

Data recovery is possible for laptops and USB devices when the unexpected happens. You can find a company that provides data retrieval and device repair through an internet search or from the recommendation of a friend or a family member. Always use a reputable company that has excellent customer reviews. One such company is Rockit Repairs. They not only offer laptop data recovery, but they also offer cell phone repair, Kindle repair, and Xbox One repair. They have the skills and trained staff to successfully perform data recovery and repairs quickly. Next time accidents happen to your technology, you know exactly what to do.

Laptops and other technology break or succumb to accidents periodically. Never fear though, there are things you can do to remedy the situation or get the repairs and data retrieval you need.

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In our modern age of technology, most children are currently growing up with an almost instantaneous awareness of smartphones, tablets, and other devices. While these can be used for entertainment and educational purposes, there’s no denying that handing over your personal phone to your eager three year old can be cause for concern if you don’t have a few safety features in place to not only keep your phone safe, but your child as well.

1. Lock it up

The easiest way to keep curious little eyes and fingers from getting into things they shouldn’t is to lock your phone down in a way that makes almost all of the features inaccessible to anyone but yourself. If you have an android phone, you can “pin” a kid-friendly app to the home screen that won’t budge unless the correct sequence of buttons is pressed, so your child can play their favorite game without wandering too far into the rest of your phone. iPhones have a similar feature called “guided access” that keeps all functions such as volume, power, and searching turned off, while also restricting certain portions of the screen if needed. There are also several apps that will serve the same purpose of locking your phone instantly, and they will not allow outside access unless a parent disables it.

2. Shatter-proof it

You can’t prevent occasional mishaps from occurring, but you can protect your phone from excessive damage when they do happen. If your child is playing with your phone, the chances are high that eventually it’s going to be dropped or covered in any number of various foods or liquids. Save yourself a trip to the cell phone repair shop and invest in a shatter proof screen cover as well as a heavy-duty protective case like an Otter Box.

3. Set parental controls

Whether your child is a toddler or in high school, there are plenty of ways for them to potentially get into trouble on your phone. Be proactive and prevent your kids from coming across anything adult-oriented or dangerous by setting the parental controls on your phone, or by downloading apps that offer additional parental controls. Depending on your phone or app, you can monitor camera usage, restrict internet search options, and even track where your child goes if they take your phone with them.

Accidents happen, especially with children, but all of us here at Rockit Repairs are available to help if your cell phone succumbs to the sticky fingers or general roughness of your kids. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

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Summer is almost officially here, and most of us already have plans in motion for some great vacations over the next few months. Before you hit the road to your warm weather destinations, be sure to check out these four tips for avoiding any unfortunate cell phone accidents that could seriously dampen your otherwise fantastic vacation.

1) Buy a screen protector

Screen protectors are generally pretty inexpensive, and they can save you from having to visit a cell phone repair shop repeatedly over the course of your summer. The screen protector will reduce any scratching to the screen of your phone while you’re shoving it in backpacks and pockets, and it will help to absorb the impact if and when you drop it.

2) Waterproof it

If you’re going anywhere near the water this summer, whether it’s a beach, pool, or a water park, be sure to take some precautions in keeping your phone protected from the water and sand that could damage it in a heartbeat. Invest in a waterproof phone case, or go the cheaper route and keep your phone in a sealed plastic bag while you’re out and about.

3) Keep it cool

If the direct heat is too much for you, it’s definitely too much for your phone. Most cell phones have a recommended heat limit, and if you’re out in the warm weather for extended periods of time with your phone out and in use, the chances are high that it’s going to overheat. Keep your phone out of direct sunlight as much as possible, and make sure to store it in a cool purse or backpack while not in use to avoid excessive overheating. On the off chance that it does overheat, turn it off immediately and continue to store it in a dark and cool area.

4) Invest in non-greasy sunscreen

You’ll more than likely forget that you covered your face in greasy lotion two minutes ago and as soon as you pick up your phone to answer a call, it’s going to be all over the screen. Consider buying non-greasy lotions or sprays to avoid having to clean a ton of gunk off of your phone.

If you find yourself needing a cell phone repair after your vacation this summer, be sure to contact RockIT Repairs for assistance. We’ll be glad to fix your device and send you back out to enjoy the warm weather in no time.

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Modern society has become accustomed to having cell phones. We check them many times throughout the day, use them to look up pertinent information, even wake up and go to sleep with them. When your cell phone breaks, people are quick to discover just how much they use them. It may seem like your cell phone attachment is overkill, but there are good reasons why your phone is so important. Here are 3 reasons to make sure your phone is in good working order all the time.


Your cell phone is more than just a way to communicate with others or look up information. Your cell phone can keep you safe in several ways. For one, when you are traveling, your cell phone comes in handy if something were to happen. For example, if your automobile breaks down and you are stranded on the side of the road, you will want to call for help right away. No one wants to venture very far looking for help, especially at night or with children in tow. It just isn’t a safe practice. Calling someone for assistance keeps you safe. Also, if you witness an accident or crime, calling 911 right away may help keep someone else safe.


Many people today only have a cell phone for communication. Landlines are losing popularity as cell phones make gains. That means for a large number of people, the cell phone is their only way of communicating at home.

Important messages

One common method businesses have of communicating with others is through email, text, or social media. For those who rely on their phones to access these messages, it is critical that they have a working phone at all times. They may receive an important work-related message, a message about a job they applied for, or a crucial personal message. Missing these messages can mean missing out on opportunities.

If your cell phone malfunctions due to a technical problem, then do not delay in finding a phone repair shop. Repairing your cell phone as quickly as possible is the best option. There is no need to be without that critical connection to the outside world. With two locations in Virginia, RockIT Repairs has a staff of expert technicians who will get the task done quickly. Contact us today to find out more.

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Having your cell phone in proper working order is a priority. These days, cell phones do a whole lot more than just make calls; we rely on them for everything from taking pictures, fact finding and directions, to sending and receiving text messages and emails.

According to the data, 70% of young adults use their phones for entertainment. Anyone who has had their phone break down understands just how important their phone is in everyday life. Repairing your cell phone is of utmost importance in this situation. Below, we take a look at three common cell phone problems:

Charge port problem

The charging port of your phone is the small opening where you plug in the charger. Inside the opening are small metal tabs. When these become damaged for any reason, your phone will not charge properly. You may notice it will charge for a few minutes or seconds, then stop charging and later return to charging again. Sometimes when you wiggle the cord it will either start or stop charging. If you have tried different battery chargers but the problem exists, then the issue is with the charging port.

Water damage

Probably one the most common problems people have with their cell phones is water damage. Of course, no one intends to drop their phone in water, but accidents happen. It’s common to panic when this occurs and think your phone is history. However, the best thing to do is turn it off, don’t plug it in, and take it as soon as possible to a repair place. Cell phone repair technicians have special tools designed to dry it out safely. Do not attempt to fix it yourself or it could make the problem worse.

Malware infection

If you download apps or any other software, your phone is susceptible to malware infection. Malware affects phones in different ways. You may notice that your battery drains out a lot faster than it did before. Your phone may be slow at processing whereas it used to work much faster. Sometimes when malware has infected a phone it can freeze up on you. When this happens you need to shut it down and restart the phone. That usually unfreezes it, but if malware is the problem it will freeze again. A cell phone specialist can help eliminate malware from your phone.

If you have any of the above problems with your cell phone, contact RocketIt Repairs today. We have expert technicians standing by to help solve your issue and make your phone reliable once again.