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Amazon Kindle Fire Repair Services at RockIT

RockIT Repairs Now Fixing All Issues With Your Kindle Fire 

Among the vast cornucopia of entertainment devices that we have available to us these days, none are quite like the Kindle made by Amazon. With the new Kindle Fire, you are not just limited to the library of books available to purchase at the Kindle store, which incidentally is one of the biggest ebook stores on the internet. Using the Kindle Fire, you can also watch movies, surf social media websites and stay just as connected as you would if you had been using a smart phone, a smart watch or any other such devices.

However, if you are thinking of getting a Kindle Fire or have recently purchased one, there is a piece of information that you should know: one in every six Kindle Fires come with a faulty charging port. These are just the Kindle Fires, whose faulty charging ports discovered before the warranty period expired, there are countless people out there for whom the charging port became unresponsive right after the warranty period expired.

These problems that have become endemic to the way that the Kindle Fire is perceived are caused by the Kindle Fire charging port defect which causes your Kindle Fire to not charge. You can leave your device connected to the charger for hours on end but it will not have charged even a single percent. This is an extremely frustrating experience to go through, and many people are left wondering what they can possibly do to fix the situation.

RockIT Repairs among its wide variety of services also provide repair for Kindle Fires that have a defective charging dock. This means that you do not have to leave your Kindle Fires at odd angles to find a sweet spot, nor do you have to try any of the other novel techniques that people use to clean out the charging port and get some kind of longevity from their piece of tech.

Video of our Kindle Fire Charging Port Repair Service Using a Microscope

Instead, you can just send your Kindle Fire to RockIT Repairs. The team at RockIT repairs consists of members who are highly skilled and knowledgeable about tech in general. This means that they will be able to have your Kindle Fire fixed in no time, especially if the issue you are facing is something as common and as easily fixed (for a professional that is) as the Kindle Fire charging port defect.

Mail your defective device into RockIT Repairs using the form available on their website and have your device fixed within twenty four hours! That’s right, within a single day you are going to have your device back good as new. The great thing is that the repairs offered by this website are so cheap, you will be hard put finding a price range that is as affordable! Based on the size of your Kindle Fire and whether it is an HD model, a standard model or a high end HDX model, your repair is only going to cost between sixty to ninety dollars!