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More freedom, More spending power: How fixing a smartphone keeps it in your pocket!

When it comes to technology, we’ve quickly become a culture of ‘keeping up with the phoneses’. The concept of haste makes waste has been buried in a landfill under latest is greatest. Even in the thesaurus, the word ‘replace’ has become synonymous with ‘repair’. Where’s our common sense gone?

It seems as though every new season offers an opportunity for consumers to shell out bigger bucks for the smallest smartphone updates. And what’s more, a cell phone needing a minor repair provides just the right excuse to market those little updates to you.

People used to fix things; they weren’t so quick to pollute the earth with discarded trends and inconveniences. Smartphone repair may seem less than chic, but it is far more intelligent than buying new every year – for several reasons.

Cell phone repair is practical

It means more money and more freedom staying in your pocket. Most smartphone repairs are far less costly than the purchase price of a new smartphone. The average retail price for a smartphone is about $600, or you can save the retail cost up front by paying for it with a long-term, locked-in service contract. For freedom lovers everywhere, the most frugal choice is cell phone repair. A good cell phone repair shop is as American as the Apple iPhone!

It’s environmentally conscious

Cell phone repair, laptop repair – even Xbox repair – helps to preserve the landscape. Even when taking recycling into consideration, all those discarded batteries, plastics and chemicals have to go somewhere.

But perhaps the most appealing reason to repair a smart phone instead of replacing it every year is what you’ll see when you look around the bend (pun intended). Remember, a penny saved IS a penny earned, and it just might be fun to sock away a few of those saved technology dollars for something REALLY new and interesting. With flexible cell phone screens, smart bangle bracelets, accordion phones and other weird and wonderful technologies rolling out in just a few years, you’ll be glad that you were smart.