iphone battery on fire in a microwave
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We decided to see what would happen if we took an iPhone 5 battery from a working device and put it into a microwave for a minute or two. You always hear about batteries exploding or catching fire so we decided to take matters into our own hands and put the heat/battery myth to the test. What we saw was pretty awesome!

Check out our new iPhone Battery VS Samsung Microwave video on our YouTube channel below.
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LG G2 model cracked screen repairs
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At RockIT Repairs we specialize in LG G2 cracked screen repairs. We back our LG G2 glass and lcd repairs with a 30 day warranty on parts & labor. We work on all four models of the LG G2. We have seen many issues with the G2 glass quality. Almost any drop that cracks the screen seems to completely render the digitizer usless. It generally will not sense touch after even the smallest crack. We can not only fix and replace the glass on a G2 but we can work on other board level repairs on this device from charging ports to microphone replacement.

LG G2 Models We Repair (If you think you have another model call us, we can most likely fix it.)

D800 Glass and LCD Repair Service (AT&T  LG G2 MODEL D800)
D802 Glass and LCD Repair Service (VERIZON LG G2 MODEL D802 FACTORY UNLOCKED)
VS980 Glass and LCD Repair Service (VERIZON 4G LTE VS980)
LS980 Glass and LCD Repair Service (SPRINT 4G LTE  LS980)

Back Housing LG G2 D800
Back housing taken off a LG G2 during a glass replacement

replace the lcd g2 cracked screen
shows the logic board and battery on the LG G2 smartphone during a screen repair
s5 glass being replaced
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Did you just crack the glass screen on your Samsung Galaxy S5? Even though your phone is made with the latest Gorilla Glass there is still a good chance that the S5 will break when you drop it. At RockIT Repairs we can repair your broken glass screen and lcd on your Galaxy S5 the very same day you drop it off or mail it in.

We repair cracked / broken glass or lcd’s on the following Galaxy S5 Models

  • Galaxy S5 G900A
  • Galaxy S5 G900T
  • Galaxy S5 G900V
  • Galaxy S5 G900P

We use OEM glass during our repairs and LOCA ( Liquid Optically Clear Adhesive) to ensure that your phone is back to factory standard quality. Without LOCA your phone will have issues in the future with glare, touch sensitivity and screen lock problems. We always recommend that even if you do not choose RockIT Repairs for your cell phone repair, make sure you have your cracked glass repaired by a reputable company that you can trust and warranties there cell phone repairs.

If you need the glass replaced on your Samsung Galaxy S5, please call us at 540-412-8824 , come by our shop or mail us your device (mail in repairs generally completed and shipped out within 24 hours).


Samsung Galaxy Gear Glass Repair Services
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Have you recently purchased a Samsung Galaxy Gear only to have cracked or broken your glass and/or lcd? RockIT Repairs replaces the and repairs the glass on your Galaxy Gear Smartwatch in as little as 24 hours for mail in customers and in under and hour for our walk in customers. Our technicians are properly trained to repair the necessary parts on your Galaxy Gear Smartwatch.

Galaxy Gear Watches Repaired in Different Colors
Galaxy Gear Watches Repaired in Different Colors


We fix multiple problems that are associated with your Galaxy Gear device. I have listed the most popular repairs below.

Samsung Galaxy Gear Repairs Offered:

  • Scratched or Cracked Glass Touch Screen Repair on Galaxy Gear
  • Broken LCD Replacement on Galaxy Gear
  • Samsung Galaxy Gear Won’t Turn On
  • Galaxy Gear Won’t Charge Anymore
  • Broken Band or 1.9 MP Camera on Wrist Band

a title=”mail in repairs on galaxy gear” href=”https://www.rockitrepairs.com/mail-in-cell-phone-repair/”> MAIL IN REPAIRS GENERALLY FIXED AND SHIPPED WITHIN 24 HOURS

If you are experiencing issues with your Samsung Galaxy Gear 1, 2 or 3 smartwatch, please contact RockIT Repairs at 540-412-8824 and let us help. Open 7 days a week!


Other Samsung Wearables We  Fix:


Articles on Samsung’s Galaxy Gear:



Antimicrobial Corning Gorilla Glass 3 Kills Germs
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Antimicrobial Corning Gorilla Glass 3  Reviews

Corning Gorilla Glass claims to make the toughest smartphone screen available- are they now making the cleanest screens around?

The new Antimicrobial Gorilla Glass 3 is infused with ionic silver, which has been shown to have inherent antimicrobial properties (by companies like Norwex), and is resistant to mold, mildew, fungi, and bacteria. The addition of the silver does not negatively affect the “mechanical, optical, or dielectric (insulators, or non-conductive material) properties” of the glass itself, and its benefits last the lifetime of the glass.

While there hasn’t yet been a release date mentioned yet, the first device to feature the new, antibacterial Gorilla Glass 3 will be the touchscreens for the room-scheduling The RoomWizard by Steelcase.