Samsung Galaxy Note 3 II Cracked Screen
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Does your Samsung Galaxy Note III 3 have a cracked screen? Need a Galaxy Note 3 glass only repair? RockIT Repairs specializes in glass only repairs on Note III phones along with other Galaxy models..

When the highly anticipated Samsung Galaxy Note 3 hit the smartphone scene a couple of months back, it was amid flurries of glowing reviews raving about the speed and performance its powerful 2.3GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 quad-core CPU is capable of. The Note 3 packed heavily for this trip, bringing 3GB of internal RAM along for the ride, yet somehow manages to be even thinner and lighter than the Note 2. The new Multi Window feature allows users to have more than a single viewing pane (which means no more switching back and forth between windows to enter information from one to the other!), and it still functions like a champ.  The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 also introduced Air Command, software designed to further expand upon the S Pen’s features and functionality. Now, an address or phone number scribbled in a note can be mapped out or called right from within the note itself. The Note 3’s main camera has 13MP, while its front-facing “selfie” camera has 2MP, and it’s loaded with features and shooting modes for both the camera and the camcorder.

back leather of a cracked  samsung galaxy note 3 III

Having made the rounds for a few months now, reviewers consistently substantiate that the Note 3 not only upholds Samsung’s legacy of furnishing big, beautiful displays to showcase their bright, bold colors and crisp, clear images, but in fact builds upon it, furnishing the Note 3 with a magnificent 5.7 inch, high-resolution display, capable of presenting a pixel density of an extraordinary 386 ppi.

Unfortunately, the day-to-day life of the average smartphone is fraught with danger, and RockIT Repairs has already fixed 100’s of Galaxy Note 3’s with shattered glass. Using our Note 3 Glass Replacement Service,  we’re often able to provide same-day turnaround on the repair. However, replacing the glass on the Note 3 is delicate, painstakingly tedious work, and the repair itself can take upwards of three hours. If you want to call ahead and get an estimated wait time before heading over, you can reach us at (540) 412-8824.

During the Note 3 Glass Replacement, your cracked and broken Note 3 glass will be very carefully separated from the underlying LCD. The LCD is what actually displays all the images and text on your phone, and that repair can cost two to three times as much as a Note 3 Glass-Only Replacement. Once the cracked Note 3 glass is separated  from the LCD, we can re-adhere the new glass to the LCD in one of two ways; we can apply special double-sided tape around the edges of the glass and the LCD, which bonds them together around the edges, but leaves a slight air gap between them, which can make them slightly more susceptible to breaking again, and may allow dirt and dust particles, over time, to make their way between the Note 3 glass and LCD; or we can use Liquid Optical Crystal Adhesive (or LOCA, for short) to bond  the glass and LCD. Using LOCA on the Note 3 glass replacement will allow you to leave with a phone that looks brand-new, (the process we use is nearly identical to the manufacturers, albeit on a much smaller scale), and with a price tag of $139.99 for the repair using LOCA and $99.99 for the double-sided tape repair, there’s just no reason to suffer with your beautiful Note 3’s cracked screen any longer!

Call RockIT Repairs at (540) 412-8824 today if you are in need of Samsung Galaxy Note 3 glass replacement. Why walk around with a shattered Note 3 screen when we can fix it for you today?


S3 charging port with original s3 port already desoldered
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We’ve been seeing a lot of people with Samsung Galaxy S3 charging port issues lately at RockIT Repairs, and we’ve learned a few common culprits that could be to blame when your S3 won’t charge.

1. Is your S3 charging port dirty? Has the charging port gotten wet recently?

Dirt, dust, and other crud can accumulate inside your S3 charging port, preventing the pin connectors in the port from making contact with the points on the charger. Look into your charging port (you may need a flashlight), and you’ll probably see at least at little debris stuck in there. You can try:

a) Blowing air into the s3 charging port, either with your mouth or a can of compressed air

b) Using 99.99% rubbing alcohol to (gently) clean inside the port, after turning it off and removing the battery

c) Spraying electrical contact cleaner (compressed air with an added, evaporable cleaning agent) into the port and (gently) inserting and removing the charger 4-6 times; after that, attempt to charge it, and start the process over if need be

2. Are you using the original S3 charger?

Galaxy S3s happen to be one of the devices with very particular charging amperage requirements (1 amp is the output of their original charger, although even that has been reported to stop charging the phone). You can either;

a) Try charging it with any microUSB charger other than the one you most commonly use; their favorites are said to be their own original charger, Blackberry chargers, and LG chargers, or

b) Take it to your cellular provider and have them find you the correct charger, and have them test it before you leave

3. Galaxy S3 software issues could be your problem(not likely but could be)

Your Galaxy S3 is really a tiny computer, and is definitely susceptible to software malfunctions. An easy fix (for lots of little issues) would be to perform a hard reset.

1. Power your S3 down

2. Hold down the Volume UP and Home buttons

3. While holding them down, simultaneously press and hold the Power button

4. When the Samsung logo appears, release only the Power button

5. Continue to hold the Volume UP and Home buttons until you see the reset menu

6. Using the Volume Down button, scroll to the option to “clear storage to factory”, and press the Power button once to select that option (you may have to push it once more to reboot the phone)

If you’ve tried all of our troubleshooting tips and your Samsung Galaxy S3 still needs a charging port replacement, give us a call at (540) 412-8824. Our techs at RockIT Repairs can solve your Galaxy S3 charging port problems quickly, easily, and affordable. Repair is only $69.99 includes free return shipping with tracking for our mail in customers or you can visit our local shop. We keep the parts in stock, so we can usually get the repair done the same day you bring it in, with most repairs completed in a few hours.

Here is a video of an S3 charging port being repaired at our shop.

S3 charging cable issues

S3 how to hard reset –

iPhone 5c cracked glass
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Does your iPhone 5C have a cracked front glass screen and is in need of a front glass replacement screen or lcd replacement? Do you need a iPhone 5C glass repaired or lcd replaced? RockIT Repairs has been fixing screens on iPhone 5C’s and other devices for quite some time and we have a serious reputation for quality & customer service. We offer 24 hour mail in repair services or you can visit us locally at on our repair shops. We normally can repair and ship your iPhone 5c the same day we receive! You can mail us your phone or visit us locally at our brick and mortar location.

Top 5 Reasons For A Cracked Front Glass Screen On An iPhone 5C:

  1. Dropped your iPhone 5C and cracked the glass
  2. Sat on your iPhone5C and the front glass was crushed
  3. My iPhone 5C fell off the top of  my car and the screen broke.
  4. iPhone 5C fell off my lap when getting out of the car and shattered.
iPhone 5c
The iPhone 5c comes in five colors. The front glass lens is universal in color.

iPhone 5C Users Experience Other Issues

  1. iPhone 5C Sensor Issues:
  2. iPhone 5C Problems:


Blue iPhone 5C Being Repaired at RockIT Repairs

iPhone 5c repaired




Repair Service on S2 Charging Port
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Help! My Samsung Galaxy S2 Charging Port Doesn’t Charge!

What’s Wrong with My Galaxy S2 Charging Port?

If you’ve been noticing that your S2 just hasn’t been taking a charge like she used to, then you are not alone. Lots of people have been plagued by Galaxy S2 charging port problems, experiencing symptoms like:

incomplete charging, even when plugged in overnight
-only recognizing the charger when it’s held or wiggled a certain way
-alternating charging/not charging when plugged in
-not recognizing the charger at all

If these issues sound frustratingly familiar to you, don’t worry! Our RockIT Repairs techs have the both the equipment and expertise that are necessary to perform Samsung Galaxy S2 charging port repairs, on-site, in our Fredericksburg, Va. location. Whether you’re local to the ‘Burg, or need to send us your S2, we will happily relieve you of your charging port woes, at a fair and honest price!

The Samsung Galaxy S2 charging port repair is a very delicate process, and it requires the skilled use of a micro-soldering tool, which utilizes heat so intense that it melts metal, to reconnect the charging port to your S2’s motherboard, via the absolutely minuscule metal pins that connect them. Besides the micro-soldering tool, a microscope, steady hands, skill, and lots of experience are the tools used to perform this repair successfully. We repair and replace charging ports for our customers daily, and have lots of parts in stock, so give us a call!

Vizio charging port
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If you’ve been having issues charging your Vizio tablet, but aren’t sure what’s going on, then you’re in the right place! You are most likely to be in need of a charging port repair or replacement if you notice the following:

  • port feels loose
  • charging cable has to be wiggled /held at a certain angle for the tablet to recognize it
  • incomplete charging, even after extended charging time
  • tablet doesn’t recognize charger


Vtab1008 Charging Issues – We replace charging ports and more on the Vizio Tablet Vtab008.