image of ic coil and backlight coil on ipod
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At RockIT Repairs we fix backlights on iPods, iPhones, iPads and other devices if we can find the oem parts. This specific repair service is for the iPod touch backlight repair(we can repair other generations at your request. Just call us at 540-412-8824 Mon-Sat 10am-7pm / Sun 11am-5pm or email [email protected])


There are two parts to the backlight repair on an ipod touch 4th generation. You have the IC coil and you have the Backlight coil. We replace both coils when we do the backlight repair on your ipod touch. Please call us for the most recent pricing and we will get your iPod back up and running in no time. There are currently no other companies offering this service and our repair prices inlcudes free return shipping via USPS priority shipping with tracking. These repairs are generally completed within 24 hours of receiving the device.

All you need to do is take your ipod that needs backlight repair and fill out our mail in form here and package them together and ship to us.

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4 kindle fire charging port repairs
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People sure do love their Kindles( just not a Kindle Cracked Screen, and with good reason. The biggest thing to happen to reading since  the paperback, Amazon’s e-reader allowed users to possess an entire library of reading material in one portable device. The Kindle Fire gave users wireless capabilities, such as checking e-mail, browsing the internet, and downloading Android apps, and opened the door for the e-reader to become a tablet of iPad-competition level.

Unfortunately, scores of Kindle devotees are blind-sided by the delicacy (or poor design, according to some customers of their beloved e-readers and tablets. All Kindle models seem to be plagued with screen malfunctions, and they most often occur right outside of the warranty period. Cracks in the digitizer and LCD appearing for seemingly no reason, along with sudden screen freezes, are the most common Kindle screen complaints. The complaints are so common, in fact, that there is an entire webpage devoted to them.

While some have tried to discover the issue behind the broken Kindle screen problem (, it remains a pain to Kindle owners suffering from it, and hasn’t been very proactive about making it right. So, what’s the owner of a Kindle with a broken screen to do?

Your best bet is to give RockIT Repairs a call! We can fix not only Kindle screen breaks and malfunctions, we also perform repairs on another all-too-common Kindle defect, loose and non-functional charging ports. We successfully complete these repairs every day at our Fredericksburg, Va. location. Give us a call at (540) 412-8824! Quick turnaround time, fair and competitive prices, and unbeatable customer service are what you’ll find at RockIT Repairs.


side view of apples new ipad air
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Hot on the heels of Apple’s iPhone 5c and 5s release, the iPad Air races in the day after Halloween. Possibly Apple’s biggest design overhaul this year, the iPad Air is slimmer, lighter, and faster than previous generations, featuring an updated, iPad mini-esque body style. Prices start at $499.


Mirroring the body style of the iPad mini, and weighing only 1/4 lb. more at 1 lb., the iPad Air is 20% thinner than the iPad 4, with a bezel that’s 43% narrower. Much of the weight was lost by switching from the standard 43 WHz, three-cell battery for a 33WHr, two-cell battery.

Losing almost half a pound has made the iPad Air much easier to operate single-handedly, and the unibody aluminum shell facilitates this with its textured feel, a la the iPad mini, allowing for a better grip than its smooth-backed predecessors. Available in either grey/black or silver/white, there was no mention of a much-discussed gold option.


Running iOS 7, the iPad Air was born with Apple’s A7 dual-core CPU, just like the iPhone 5s, but the iPad Air runs at 1.4 GHz, which is 100 MHz faster than the 5S. The A7 chip has the iPad Air clocking speeds that are twice as fast as the iPad 4, and five times faster than the iPad 2

Equipped with dual microphones for enhanced audio capture for videos and Siri, the iPad Air has also been stuffed with 4G LTE-compatible antennas, capable of supporting wifi speeds of 300 mbps.


Life subjects our portable electronic devices (i.e. tablets, laptops, cell phones, MP3 players, handheld gaming systems) to a ton of wear, tear, oops, and uh-ohs on a daily basis. Being drowned, dropped, or stepped on,  are the most common accidents impacting our iPads, but even the slightest impact in the right (or wrong) place can lead to shattered screens, busted LCDs, broken buttons, and can disconnect charging ports and interior components.

Should disaster befall your new iPad Air (or any other iPad model/generation), the professionals at RockIT Repairs are ready to provide you with honest, caring, and cost-effective relief. Call us at (540) 412-8824, or visit our Fredericksburg, Va. location at 1319 Lafayette Blvd. to speak with one of our knowledgeable, experienced technicians today!

samsung note 2 model number on back of phone
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Before calling our repair techs, you’ll want to find your Samsung’s model number. Located under the battery on the phone itself will be a white sticker with various data identifiers that are specific to your phone. Samsung model numbers tend to follow the same format, beginning with three letters, followed by one letter and three numbers, like this:

  • SGH-x###
  • SCH-x###
  • SCH-x###

To get to your model number, you’ll first need to turn your phone off. Once it’s powered down, remove the back plate and battery, and you’ll see the data sticker right on the phone.

You can also find it by going to Settings>About Device>Model Number, so long as your phone powers on and the images are able to be seen.

Here’s a list of some of the more common Samsung smartphones we repair:

Samsung Galaxy S3 Repair

Samsung Galaxy S3 Pebble Blue Front Glass Only

  • SGH-T999 (T-Mobile)
  • SGH-i747 (AT&T)
  • SCH-R530 (Cricket, U.S. Cellular, MetroPCS)
  • SCH-i535 (Verizon)
  • SPH-L710 (Sprint, Boost Mobile, Virgin Mobile)

Samsung Galaxy S4 Repair

Samsung Galaxy S4 Front Cracked Glass Replacement


  • SGH-M919 (T-Mobile)
  • SGH-i337 (AT&T)
  • SCH-R970 (Cricket, U.S. Cellular, MetroPCS)
  • SCH-i545 (Verizon)
  • SPH-L720 (Sprint, Boost Mobile, Virgin Mobile)

Samsung Note II Repair

  • SGH-T899 (T-Mobile)
  • SGH-i317 (AT&T)
  • SCH-R950 (Cricket, U.S. Cellular, MetroPCS)
  • SCH-i605 (Verizon)
  • SPH-L900 (Sprint, Boost Mobile, Virgin Mobile)
nokia cell phone
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If you need your Nokia smartphone repaired, one of the first things our repair techs will ask for is your phone’s model number. There are a couple of ways to find it, but they often require the phone not to be in use, so before giving us a call, try these tips to locate your Nokia model number.

If your phone is functional:

The Lumia series model numbers can be found in the Settings menu. From there choose About, then Phone Information. Your model number will look something like this : Nokia Lumia 920.

On other Nokia phones, access your keypad and type *#0000#. This will display your phone’s model number.

If your phone is not powering on or the display is not visible:

The Lumia series data sticker is located underneath the phone’s SIM tray. Using a SIM key, eject the SIM card and tray. Now, use the SIM key to pull the tray out by inserting it into the hole on the tray’s side and gently pulling it out. Your phone’s model number is on the data label underneath the SIM tray.

On older Nokia phones, the data label is located underneath the battery, on the phone itself. After powering down your phone, remove the back battery cover and take out the battery. The white label should be visible now, as should your phone’s model number.