Blue Samsung Galaxy S4
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Blue Samsung Galaxy S4Samsung Galaxy S4 rumors are everywhere. Get ready as the next installment in the Samsung galaxy family is almost here with a bunch of new features and toys to play with. We’ll hit you with the most popular rumors of Samsungs well kept secret before it is revealed this Thursday.

The Galaxy S4 has quite a few new features floating around the rumor mill that all sound very exciting and causing quite the buzz. The S4 is believed to have a 5in full HD screen which is an upgrade from the S3’s 4.8in screen. The screen will have a 1920 x 1080 resolution, which gives it a very impressive 441 ppi (pixels per inch.) The Screen will also be RGB OLED, which put in normal people terms roughly means it uses 2 different color spectrums to show the colors of and on the screen. The RGB OLED screen is supposed to use less energy thus saving the phones battery life a little more, which could be very helpful with the new TV screen you would be sporting in your pocket.  Unfortunately though the screen seems to be the only thing changing physically. Regardless of numerous complaints as to the materials that were used in manufacturing the S3 that consumers often thought made it look “cheap” especially when compared to other phones like the iphones aluminum frame. Samsung though has released a statement saying that the Galaxy S4 will again be using plastic. Maybe it will be in a Galaxy not so far away? But for now it looks like we just have to deal.


The S4 will also be hosting a whole new setup internally. Not only will the S4 be upgrading to the 4G wave but Samsung is going the extra mile by speeding up the phones wireless capabilities to rival that of most any phone on the market right now. The S4 is rumored to be using a new combination from Broadcom called the BCM4335. The chip will be used for all the Galaxy S4’s Wireless, Bluetooth and FM radio functions. The Galaxy S4 will be running of the newest version of android titled Jelly Bean (4.2.2) Samsung also put a patent for a new technology that is also believed to make an appearance with the S4. It’s called Eye Scrolling Technology, and as the name implies it would give you the ability to scroll through your phone with nothing more than your eyes.  Your front facing camera would track your eye movement and position and scroll your screen accordingly so if your one of those people who hates fingerprints on their screen you might just want to look into this.


Sound exciting enough? Just a few more things before you run out your to get yours. The S4 is also believed to have a wireless charging option with potential for much more. The options could from charging it by setting it down all the way to playing music without putting it in a dock or even uploading and syncing photos and videos. It’s starting to look like you’ll never have to touch the thing but lets be honest would you want to? They have also upgraded the rear-facing camera to an impressive 13 megapixels with a video recording capability of 1080. Your daily life could be in almost movie quality!


Did we also forget to mention it is believed to have a time machine?  Yeah that’s happening. Which would be nice considering the Galaxy S4’s unveiling is later this week thus putting it on sale by Mid – April at the latest. So I guess for now then the question still stands. Are You Ready 4 the Next Galaxy?

iphone 4 and iphone 4s clip diagram
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Have you ever had an iphone 4 or iphone 4s lcd screen in your hand, it doesn’t fit your phone and you do NOT know which model iphone 4 or 4s it goes to? Well RockIT Repairs is here to help with a diagram that will show you exactly which lcd screen your have for your iphone 4 or 4S. Please see the images below to see the difference between an iphone 4 GSM, CDMA and 4S lcd screen back clips.

iphone 4 and iphone 4s clip diagram

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Ah, the iPhone. It has been one of the frontrunners of the smartphone revolution since the release of the original iPhone in June of 2007, and with the release of the iPhone 5 in September 2012, it continues to be one of the most sought-after cellphones around. No matter where you are, there is bound to be at least one person with their iPhone out, and you’ll probably hear the familiar chime of someone getting a message on one, coming from a pocket or purse in your vicinity.

The original iPhone set quite a few design precedents that are still visible in the current models, such as button placement, as well as what has been one of the iPhone’s biggest innovations, the touch-screen that its user interface is built around. It also introduced us to the virtual keyboard, and can be synced with iTunes to play music from your library, and it allowed one to easily access the internet for browsing, or to check e-mail and social networking sites.

Each iPhone is released with its own operating system, the original being version iPhone OS 1.0.  The iPhone 3G introduced the ability to record videos, as well as take pictures, and 3G cellular network capabilities and its aGPS. The iPhone 4 brought us Siri, the “retina display”, and a front-facing camera. The sixth generation iPhone 5 offers 4G cellular network capabilities, the iPhone operating system iOS 6.0, and a 4-inch retina display, which is a good bit larger than the previous 3.5-inch screen the older models features. It’s also thinner, lighter, and offers faster processing than the previous iPhones.

It’s never too late to jump on the iPhone bandwagon, and with news already being leaked about the iPhone 5S, you probably won’t have to wait long to stand in line to become one of the first owners of the latest model.

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So that’s it. You’ve decided to take the plunge headfirst into the iPhone’s welcoming smartphone waters

(incidentally, do NOT drop your new iPhone into any water), and you’re pretty sure that you can afford it. I mean, every other person you know seems to have one, and some of those people barely have enough cash to afford the proverbial pot to… well, you know. So how much could they possibly be? Well, that all depends, but they might be a little pricier than you’re expecting. Should you want to just buy the iPhone 5 outright and shop around for month-to-month plans, get ready to drop around $650 for the 16GB version, $750 for the 32GB one, and right about $850 for the 64GB model. Once you’ve dropped all that dough, you can probably find a plan that costs between $45 and $60 a month, for a low-end total of around $1,800 for two years, or the higher-end price of about $2300 for two years.

Should you decide to go with a two-year plan from a major carrier like AT&T, Verizon, or Sprint, you can probably get the iPhone 5 for either $199, $299, or $399 for the 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB models, respectively, with either a new two-year contract, or if you’re eligible for an upgrade. You can usually pay about $200 extra for the option to upgrade early, if you absolutely can’t wait. Most unlimited data packages run between $60 and $100 every month, and some don’t actually include texting or voice calls, so after factoring all of that in, on the low end, you can get the iPhone 5 with a two-year contract and pay around $2000 over the two years, and on the high end, you can get your new iPhone 5 and two-year contract and pay right about $3800 over the next two years.

I know, right?