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With the new Samsung Galaxy S4 flying off the shelves at an alarming rate, it is not hard to believe that we are seeing more customers bringing them to us with cracked screens.  We do the front glass replacement on all models including but not limited to the Samsung Galaxy S4 M919, L720, i545 & i9500. The phone is currently offered through Sprint, T-Mobile & AT&T. If you are just looking to see which carrier to go with if you are thinking about purchasing a S4 here is a great article.

If you need a S4 front glass replacement on the Samsung Galaxy S4 we can do the repair for only $99.99(this is for our double sided adhesive option – we do Liquid Optically Clear Adhesive for only $139.99!) That includes rush repair(same day receive, fix and ship)  and free return shipping via USPS priority 2 day with tracking. If you send the device to us via UPS or FedEx we can repair and ship the device back out to you the same day we receive! Now that is RockIT Fast! if you want to send us you galaxy s4 for a mail in repair please go to our mail in cell phone repair page and print out the form and follow the on-page instructions for mailing and packaging your Galaxy S4. If you have any questions or concerns you can call us directly at 540-412-8824 or email us at [email protected]

Here is our S4 repair video. Prior to this video the unit was heated using our SMD rework station to ensure the lcd does not break when separating the three layers of glass, digitizer and lcd.  This is a very advanced repair and only one of our techs works  on the S3, S4 and Samsung Note and Note II models. I do not recommend this repair for a beginner. Try at your own risk or have our expert tech repair the device.

*updated 11/26/13: Here is a video that shows us applying LOCA to our glass replacement on a Samsung Galaxy S4

(We always recommend using liquid optical adhesive when getting your S4 cracked glass repaired as it provides the most accurate back to OEM feel and look) (Without LOCA you will have glare issues and issues when pressing hard on your screen)

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If you’re reading this right now, chances are good that you (or someone you like enough to be Google-ing stuff for) are familiar with the feelings of panic and dread that accompany the discovery of any type of damage to your laptop’s screen. Thoughts of new laptop prices begin rushing through your head, followed closely by more thoughts, loudly reminding you of what an astronomical amount of money that is, and about how you really can’t afford that right now, and about how maybe if you had been more careful, could you have prevented this whole messy and terrible situation. Your anguish and distress are totally understandable. I mean, what good is a laptop, really, without its screen?

Luckily, cracked laptop screens are totally fixable. If your broken laptop still happens to be under warranty, then you can probably send it back to its maker for repairs, as long as the type of damage inflicted upon your laptop is covered. Accidental damage is not often covered under the manufacturer’s warranty, so if your screen just cracked during the course of regular laptop use, you’re probably covered. But unless you live near one of their stores, you’ll have to mail it to them, and the repair and delivery time usually takes around two weeks. If it was an outside force that, through cause-and-effect, resulted in your laptop screen getting shattered, then you can still send it to the manufacturer for repair. It’s still going to take approximately two weeks through the mail, only now you’re probably being charged almost what your laptop is worth.

Your best bet in this situation is finding a local electronics repair shop to perform the replacement for you. Small businesses tend to have much better customer service than corporate manufacturers, and their prices are usually much more reasonable. Plus, your total turnaround time will probably be closer to two days, instead of the two weeks it would take if you sent it back to the manufacturer. You’ll save time and money with you hometown shop, and they will see you and your problem as more than just a number.

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A brand-spanking new smartphone hit the stage for its first public viewing yesterday, with release dates beginning later this year in Europe. Created by a group of former Nokia employees, the Jolla features an “open” operating system called Sailfish OS, formerly Nokia’s Meego system. There are no navigational buttons- Jolla’s interface  is controlled by finger swipes and gestures.

The ability to use 4G networks and run Android apps is a big selling point, as are the 4.5 inch touchscreen display and removable back panel called The Other Half, which interacts with Sailfish, actually changing its form and function while installed. The Other Half comes in different colors.


The Jolla features a dual core processor, an 8 megapixel camera, and a user-replaceable battery. Debuting first in Europe, more information will be released as we move closer to the release date.

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Well, yet another smartphone leak has hit the streets and is exciting all- well, at least some of the populace. The new HTC Myst, which is being being touted in the rumor mill as the new “Facebook phone”, is all lined up to be the next mid-priced smartphone wonder (if you consider a smartphone with a Facebook app a “wonder” at this point in the game) of 21st century modern human communication and socialization. Unless, of course, the Myst’s debut plays out as it did for the its forebears, HTC’s Salsa (the smartphone formerly known as ChaCha) and Status, the original “Facebook phones”… Oh, you don’t remember them?

If you’re the kind of person that tends to get more excited about facts, figures, and details than you do about checking out what those couple of serial status updaters on your Facebook friends list have posted in the last five minutes, you may be pleased to learn that the HTC Myst is allegedly in possession of Jelly Bean 4.1.2 (runs an Android OS, duh.) which will reach your eyeballs via a 4.3 inch screen on which text, images, and yes, even video will be presented to you at a resolution of 1,280×720-pixels, or 320ppi, if you’re into the whole brevity thing. Front and back cameras are 5 mega-pixel and 1.6 mega-pixels, respectively. The core is dual(1.5GHz), the G is 4 if you can get it that is – 1GB RAM and 16GB memory. No microSD card slot. None whatsoever.

It remains to be seen exactly what features have led to it being nicknamed the “Facebook Phone”, besides the rumors of preloaded Facebook and Instagram apps (HTC coyly continues neither confirming nor denying the rumors). One can only speculate as to the untold ways this device could bring about a brave new world of socialization. Some have said that using Facebook will become so quick and easy that it could potentially revolutionize the nature of social networking as we currently know it. Others have speculated that it probably just won’t work very well.

It has been said in some circles that the very idea of a Facebook phone is inane, and that the Myst will be a very impressive addition to a long line of absurdly over-hyped status symbols that take up too much space in the pockets of the bourgeoisie. The anticipation is palpable, and both the early adopters and the skeptics are frothingly
eager to sink their teeth in to whatever HTC has to offer them with the Myst. The real, final truth of it all will be determined in the arena of technological fisticuffs. Your days on the fence are numbered.

Blue Samsung Galaxy S4
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Blue Samsung Galaxy S4Samsung Galaxy S4 rumors are everywhere. Get ready as the next installment in the Samsung galaxy family is almost here with a bunch of new features and toys to play with. We’ll hit you with the most popular rumors of Samsungs well kept secret before it is revealed this Thursday.

The Galaxy S4 has quite a few new features floating around the rumor mill that all sound very exciting and causing quite the buzz. The S4 is believed to have a 5in full HD screen which is an upgrade from the S3’s 4.8in screen. The screen will have a 1920 x 1080 resolution, which gives it a very impressive 441 ppi (pixels per inch.) The Screen will also be RGB OLED, which put in normal people terms roughly means it uses 2 different color spectrums to show the colors of and on the screen. The RGB OLED screen is supposed to use less energy thus saving the phones battery life a little more, which could be very helpful with the new TV screen you would be sporting in your pocket.  Unfortunately though the screen seems to be the only thing changing physically. Regardless of numerous complaints as to the materials that were used in manufacturing the S3 that consumers often thought made it look “cheap” especially when compared to other phones like the iphones aluminum frame. Samsung though has released a statement saying that the Galaxy S4 will again be using plastic. Maybe it will be in a Galaxy not so far away? But for now it looks like we just have to deal.


The S4 will also be hosting a whole new setup internally. Not only will the S4 be upgrading to the 4G wave but Samsung is going the extra mile by speeding up the phones wireless capabilities to rival that of most any phone on the market right now. The S4 is rumored to be using a new combination from Broadcom called the BCM4335. The chip will be used for all the Galaxy S4’s Wireless, Bluetooth and FM radio functions. The Galaxy S4 will be running of the newest version of android titled Jelly Bean (4.2.2) Samsung also put a patent for a new technology that is also believed to make an appearance with the S4. It’s called Eye Scrolling Technology, and as the name implies it would give you the ability to scroll through your phone with nothing more than your eyes.  Your front facing camera would track your eye movement and position and scroll your screen accordingly so if your one of those people who hates fingerprints on their screen you might just want to look into this.


Sound exciting enough? Just a few more things before you run out your to get yours. The S4 is also believed to have a wireless charging option with potential for much more. The options could from charging it by setting it down all the way to playing music without putting it in a dock or even uploading and syncing photos and videos. It’s starting to look like you’ll never have to touch the thing but lets be honest would you want to? They have also upgraded the rear-facing camera to an impressive 13 megapixels with a video recording capability of 1080. Your daily life could be in almost movie quality!


Did we also forget to mention it is believed to have a time machine?  Yeah that’s happening. Which would be nice considering the Galaxy S4’s unveiling is later this week thus putting it on sale by Mid – April at the latest. So I guess for now then the question still stands. Are You Ready 4 the Next Galaxy?